monthly salary of sixty thousand how attractive, how many people dream of a monthly salary, but in Li Sulong where it is easy to give up, perhaps you will regret it, but he has his own choice, that is, returning home to rape. Don’t be surprised to admire Li Sulong’s pioneering courage.

2008 Spring Festival, he and his wife back to Yangxin when the Chinese new year, see the large tracts of barren mountain village, it is a pity. Second years in October, Li Sulong took out more than $7, signed a contract with the village committee on the contract of 372 acres of barren hills, embarked on a road full of hard work.

this year, funds in very difficult conditions, he bravely, the family from the spirit of giving him support: his wife Chen Chunyan do substitute teacher in the village primary school, with more than one thousand yuan monthly salary, supporting the whole family, old and young life, parents never complained of his home business.