snack food market has become one of the indispensable major projects. Annual sales of snacks is also a great surprise, choose a good snack brands to open a snack bar of their own will be a good choice. Sister and brother chain enterprises are mainly engaged in food and beverage chain, consulting management, operating as the center of the potato characteristics of delicious food.


siblings, delicious potato powder" is the company for many years has been to adhere to the faith, sister chain production of potato casserole powder series products, because of its nutritional health and its unique taste quality, widely known and loved by consumers China. April 2015 the United States and the United States and New York store opened, marking the younger sister and sister as a national fast food star enterprises, out of the country to revitalize the brand name of the target and determination.

potato powder headquarters where?

with the development of the times, the traditional food and beverage management model has been unable to meet the management requirements of modern catering enterprises, the market also needs efficient management tools to enhance the management of all levels.

siblings have been developed for 16 years, and now through the development strategy to sort out, and now to do is to take root, to create the brand. To hold the mentality of the brand, rather than doing business mentality. They focus on the development of product quality, service quality, health quality, to maximize the pursuit of customer satisfaction, the natural form, develop better and better with luxuriant foliage.

The competition of

enterprises is the competition of talents and science and technology, which requires enterprises to use modern scientific methods to manage enterprises. The siblings and day long financial business cooperation, is a matter of enterprise informatization is the innovation leap, siblings history has milepost sense. The two belong to cooperation together, the future through continuous communication and communication, siblings can rely on the help of the ERP system, and gradually realize the strategic planning data to improve the operation and management, to bring consumers more quality products and services, to usher in the development of better.

a lot of people are asking where is the headquarters of the brand, the two brothers chain enterprise was founded in April 2001, headquartered in Henan, Zhengzhou Province, welcome to join the franchisee!