compared to some of the large clothing store, clothing store business is sometimes better, people in the shop when love choose some simple style, good quality clothing, but the foreign trade clothing store is easy to produce the following problems in the location, let’s take a look at it.

1, located in the residential area of foreign trade clothing store

these areas can only attract customers narrow, suitable for the operation of some consumers choose not strong and often needs the daily necessities of the industry, such as convenience stores, supermarkets, cafes etc.. The operation of such goods and services to the store as close as possible to the customer, such as the calculation of the distance from the customer to walk, the general choice of radius of 300 meters, about 10-20 minutes walking range of radiation is appropriate.

2, located in the foreign trade clothing store street shops

3, located in the bustling commercial center of foreign trade clothing store

thus, not only the downtown area is suitable for foreign trade clothing store opened a clothing store, even in some remote residential areas, can also bring good sales.