hot summer arrived again, and ice cream hot sales season, want to change in the summer, then try to do some small business, so what is the summer project is more money? It is ice cream, thousands of yuan investment can have a car ice this summer, summer can easily earn!

summer project overview sell what the most money? There is no doubt that the flow of ice is one of them. This project is to market before the popular mobile snack car model grafted to the cold drinks market, which greatly enhance the flexibility of grassroots investors. At present, almost all of the practitioners in a state of profitability, but also the first month of the opening of the business will be able to recover the initial investment and obtain a certain amount of net profit.

1.: characteristics of the project operation convenience. Due to the limitations of the shops, investors can liquidity management, very convenient, where people can do business where.

2. device production rate is high. More than 20 – to – Sweet tubes per minute than similar products.

3. intelligent operation. No investors have professional skills, only a few minutes of junior high school proficiency can be skilled operation of related equipment.

4. variety. There are hundreds of cold drinks, ice cream.

5. pure natural. At present, all raw materials with 100% of zero fat and low sugar, good for health.

1. body features: novel design, excellent performance, elegant appearance;

2. vehicle shape stainless steel design, design with castors, beautiful appearance, convenient to move.

3. power bingche arranged in a freezer, refrigerator for ice cream.

4. is suitable for the school entrance, large flow of entertainment places.

5. battery driven machine is a convenient mobile shop.

6. humanized design, the body can be posted around the theme of ice cream. More attractive to consumers. Analysis of

and this flow bingche model is effective in solving the problem, which saves the cost of rent recommended