many industries have a light season, the clothing industry has been particularly evident, the general is the arrival of an early season fire, the rest of the time sales are not very optimistic. For clothing store operators, the most important consideration is how to deal with the off-season problem, there are five strokes is very useful, for clothing entrepreneurs learn.

1, adjust the mentality of

2, promotion program development

3, business hours adjustment

4, service improvement and promotion

In addition to the

5, special deal with surplus goods

the remaining goods are part of the exchange can be exchanged, but the freight, time difference and other factors, the replacement efficiency is far lower than the efficiency of special offer, special offer promotions to attract more customers to buy Ibrahimovic bear brand loyalty (consumer habits for children to wear a brand of clothes), in addition to the customer the population increase is also a kind of invisible advertising, and accumulated a store in the headquarters of the purchase performance, and will not incur additional costs, increase the cost of.