is not a smooth road of entrepreneurship, in this small series of business friends arranged some venture capital matters should be paid attention to, and they hope to help everyone.

to consider the small shops to buy   is their own business or rental?   if their business, must be a clear assessment of the surrounding environment. If there is a big supermarket around the place is not suitable to open grocery stores,   low residential area is a high-grade brand clothing store,   will not be higher than the expected return; venture capital funds and real estate shop?   if you want to rent to others to use,   before the venture investment shops to roughly know the object and rental renters prepare the operation of the project, the expected rent will not exceed the bank interest. In addition,   venture capital shops to clear property rights, a few people venture capital investment prone to property disputes,   this will be detrimental to the appreciation of real estate. Shops investment is not very mature industry, investors should do what, according to the different locations and their own funds in different area shops. Venture investors also pay attention to market changes, if necessary, the real estate quickly shot.

> according to characteristics of franchise