wanton growth in prices, so many people’s increasing pressure! In the face of rampant growth in housing prices, with the release of two-child policy, housing demand is still rising, but the crazy prices make people worry about born children, but there is no place for him to live. Here and Xiaobian together to understand, Zhengzhou June prices.

by the Zhengzhou Xindi Wang potential, the developers have prices. Crazy rally, the average price break million or will not be a dream.

Zhengzhou | developers have price per square 200 yuan to 3000 yuan

Zhengzhou housing prices from the million and one step closer. July 10th, the Zhengzhou municipal housing security and the real estate Authority released in June market data show that the average price of commercial housing sales 9661 yuan per square meter, an increase of 2.83%, up from $445 in May.

prices rose at the same time, the momentum is still rising buyers. Data show that in June, Zhengzhou city commercial housing sales 2 million 10 thousand and 400 square meters, an increase of 95.54%; the commercial housing sales 1 million 823 thousand and 400 square meters, an increase of 111.3%, selling more than 366 thousand and 400 square meters in May, refresh the 2009 December record of 1 million 522 thousand and 200 square meters of historical records.

commercial housing inventory is not much, just enough to sell 6 months. Data show that as of June, Zhengzhou commercial housing sales area of 18 million 428 thousand and 400 square meters. Among them, commercial housing can be sold a total area of 5 million 373 thousand and 300 square meters, the inventory decline further, if in accordance with the last year the average monthly sales of 898 thousand and 600 square meters of housing stock estimates, can sell for 5.98 months.

developers have long been unable to sit still. Yesterday, someone was finishing the release of more than and 20 Zhengzhou real estate prices information. Among them, Kai Xiang imperial dragon July 12th notice, the price of 500 yuan / square meters of the full range of products; Xintian home in July 8th issued a notice of Xintian city in the sale of all residential price of 500 yuan / square meters; Dongrun city price 200 yuan per square meter; haochuang Indus county began to rise from July 10th, average price level rose by about 5%, villa the average price rose 4%; more news, Hanhai CLEARSKY will take effect in July 18th, the 330 square meters large flat floor apartment layout per square meter, up 3000 yuan.

at the same time, a nervous state anxiety in almost just need to purchase the crowd spread, is a property consultant telephone "forced", on the one hand is the buyers waiting in the wings on both sides of the promotion, for the Zhengzhou property market hot, hotter than the outside air temperature.

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