textile shop is indispensable in our life. With the development of the times, the needs of the market, the introduction of the management plan of diversification, let us know how to operate, the textile shop price for the product? The textile shop there are new products of course there is a period of sales of old products, new products, old products will slowly off the shelf, we need to consider how, as much as possible so that the old product later is off the shelf, this is also related to the old price


A is the channel of low profit, from competing products attack, counterattack ability is weak. We in the actual work of commonly used strategy is to strengthen the forecast of the market and competitor information collection, grab in the competitive front to carry out promotional goods, to minimize the chance of competing products, while the stage introduction of promotional efforts, the profit space big strategic product to attack against competitive products;

2 measures: the old products with new products, disguised increase incentives, replacement profit;

How to operate

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