Guangdong as an open coastal city, has always been at the forefront of economic development, the number of independent college graduates also lead in most parts of the country. Among these people, there are both winners and losers, no matter whether they are successful or not, their experience is very valuable to those who walk the same road.

sponsored by the Guangdong provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department of the South China University of Technology, "the dream of a wonderful life — Guangdong, Guangdong province Innovation story series will share into the university campus" and "increasing glory for the alma mater, let the youth shine 2015 love South China University Entrepreneurship share held in China yesterday. It is reported that this year, Guangdong independent entrepreneurial college graduates doubled over last year.

"I have been successful as a business is dead." "After 95" entrepreneur Deng Jiaming joked. He shared the mentality of how to get out of the shadow of the loser.

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