August 24th, the U.S. group breakfast business outage, which is following the Hangzhou goose after another outage outage breakfast business.

December 29, 2014, billion euros net had exclusive release, goose stop breakfast reservation home business, eventually, its founder Lan Yaodong come to the conclusion that a breakfast to survive, there is only one possible, is the production and distribution of a business flow and hold the same distribution, and had become an online platform for cooperation breakfast in the kitchen.

and American breakfast outage by the U.S. group called the team belongs to the test products, will turn to the takeaway business; have not yet formed the habit of scheduled users for breakfast, breakfast business carried out by external disturbances caused by urban management, affecting the user experience. Tencent technology also reported this morning, the United States Mission network has been completed at the end of the breakfast business, the business has stopped: the performance of the link in the current circumstances, it is difficult to further enhance the user experience, so close."

in addition to the closure of the breakfast platform, and breakfast is good, as early as possible,, juice flavor breakfast program in continuous water, and in the O2O industry leading enterprises Baidu takeaway takeaway, hungry has been opened by the end of 2014 breakfast business, but so far, Baidu WeChat takeaway booking platform, breakfast business temporarily stop hungry; it is said that in order to avoid the examination, has now brought meals in the office setting near the restaurant.

according to Ben, the rise of breakfast and the current temporary decline has passed three stages:

the first stage: the food and beverage O2O platform does not touch the stage, only a good breakfast in a step by step. There are four main reasons:

1) is not large enough. There is a large market demand for the breakfast takeaway market, but there is no exact market order, and breakfast is not as good as Chinese food and dinner;

2) low customer price. Breakfast margin is very high, such as the cost of a cup of soy milk is 1 yuan, brand milk can be sold at the market price of $8, but breakfast is mainly based on individual meals, non group meals, not on the customer price, cost of logistics and distribution;

3) big competition. Breakfast is the most popular roadside stalls, cheap, convenient and rich, and the quality of the brand of food and beverage in addition to McDonald’s, Kentucky Fried Chicken fast food, the other is not suitable for breakfast or no breakfast;

4) market needs education. The importance of numerous users already alert breakfast, but the breakfast problem has been unable to cure "lazy disease", the market still needs the market guide, form a habit.

second stages: catering, take out the platform to test the water for breakfast, there is no lack of the United States and the United States Group breakfast, Baidu breakfast and hungry, etc.. There are four main reasons:

1) large market base, no giant. China Cuisine Association data released in July 2014, in the high-end food and beverage at the same time, the breakfast based popular market to maintain a strong trend, excluding investment after pulling remains 1>