with the continuous improvement of people’s living standards, the growing market for flowers, sales gradually increased, how to expand the flower market? How to improve the florist sales? Flower shop layout is very important, how to layout the florist? May wish to come together to understand!


Florist channel flower shop should pay attention to maintain enough width to facilitate customer visits. Pick flowers and contacts with the general should not be less than 90CM, otherwise the customer will feel inconvenient. When the channel is too long, the appropriate detour walking more attractive to customers. It should also be noted that if the flower shop is in and out of the door, it is necessary to maintain a spacious, unobstructed, in order to reduce congestion and congestion, to avoid the interference of customers when entering and selling flowers. If it is in and out of the door, you should pay attention to the direction of the flower shop must be clear, do not mislead the channel, so that the formation of the phenomenon of customer return.

The height of the ceiling design

in the wall erected on the showcase to display flowers, cabinet wall was blocked, so you can not paint or decorative treatment.

II on the wall as a display booth placed flowers, the walls of the fixed shelves at the same time, as the background to foils.

the simple equipment on the wall surface, for hanging or arrangement of flowers.