steak to join the project is a very good gold Prince steak investment brand project, if you want to open a steak shop brand can consider. So below for you to introduce the brand.

Kim Food Co. Ltd. was founded in 2000, is a focus on the combination of Western-style food, fast food chain, its first brand store "Kim Steakhouse carrier" with its leading product with unique flavor of the "golden crown steak, won the special favored customers in domestic consumption, become an independent school, quite enjoy high reputation.

how much does it cost to join golden Prince steak?

in the face of fierce market competition, Kim has always been the spirit of "integrity and pragmatic, innovation, service" business philosophy, with excellent and stable product quality, clean and quiet, casual dining environment, fast and sincere service, "customer satisfaction" as the highest standards, constantly pursue and create the core spirit of excellence, grasp changes in the market, and continuously meet the new demands of the market. Now in the rapid development, then the golden Prince steak is how much?

Kim joined the steak fees in 20 to 500 thousand, Kim steak belongs to Wenzhou Jintaizi catering Co. Ltd., founded in 2000, has developed for 15 years, has now become a focus, the combination of Western-style food chain enterprises. Now Zhejiang has 18 direct western restaurant chain restaurant, in the future there will be more and more joined the business to join them to become the king of the king steak franchisee, has its own franchise.

join the following support:

training support

will provide meticulous and effective early and regular training, such as the business skills, sales skills and product knowledge reception.

logistics support

company to provide logistics and distribution services, to ensure fast and efficient realization of the goods, to meet the market demand for goods.

long term effective marketing guidance

company will regularly send professional marketing staff for customer marketing diagnosis, timely adjustment of marketing strategies to ensure the healthy operation of the franchise, so you feel the company around you.

The above is the

Kim steak introduces fee and join join the support, of course if you wash this brand what other issues need to know please give us a message on our website below, we will arrange our staff to contact you after seeing the message.