a store service in the end is in place, often reflected in some of the details above. Moreover, the details will directly affect the further development of the store. After all, we often say: details determine success or failure. Do anything, only pay attention to detail, pay attention to the process, in order to achieve good results. The retail business is the same, only the service to do more sophisticated, more popular, in order to win the favor of consumers, the business can be prosperous for a long time.

however, in the real operation, some retail stores didn’t really understand the true meaning and connotation of service, the customer service has many defects in the details, not only so that consumers do not enjoy the happiness of shopping, but also make the image of the store discount. So, retail stores should pay attention to what service details? How to improve the quality of service through the details?

details of a: items custody

responsible for the consumer is the business of the career, only always take a responsible attitude to consumers, consumers can win the respect and support. A few days ago, I went to a medium-sized supermarket, in a "post automatic inventory before the goods storage cabinet notes" to see such a word: customers can borrow free automatic cabinet, deposit bag package, save himself, the mall does not bear the responsibility; cash and valuables by customers themselves carry storage, lost nothing else.

I don’t say

and supermarkets such provisions of legal compliance, only from such "warnings" we can realize that the business is not to consumers as "God", not the consumers into their hearts, but directly to the consumer to the opposite: here is the shopping, the rest of the things with me independent! To tell the truth, the provisions businesses so blunt, really let consumers feel the heart is cool.

I think, in the current fierce competition, the service is king of the market situation, if businesses can pay attention to the details, and to find ways to give the solution, then we will be able to do the real service consumers’ hearts, to win consumer loyalty and satisfaction. If we apply the provisions of the change, make it become euphemisms, such as "deposit items in our hearts keep, please rest assured that shopping, please keep your valuables desk, we try our best to provide you with security, so that consumers shopping mood will not like to shop the impression will be greatly deepened, consumer repurchase rate, satisfaction rate will steadily increase.

details two: shopping parking

recently, my friends and I went to a retail store shopping, the store is not large, but the open space in front of the door is very open. Seeing a few cars parked there, friends began to look for a parking space. At this time, the shop owner quickly ran out, you want to buy