Now the supermarket on the basic

services are the consumers, not with age, however, such a successful supermarket is introduced in this paper for the 60+ services for the elderly, and also received a very high pursuit. Here, let Xiaobian to introduce skills.

When there is no customer in the

store, I will read some magazines and books to learn the knowledge of writing and management. One day, I was leafing through an "enterprise management" magazine, see this article in the Austria capital Vienna, specifically for the elderly over 60 years of service 60 supermarket, the supermarket shelves are much more distance than ordinary supermarket.

The back seat is provided with a

shelf; shopping cart equipped with brakes, the latter half also set up a seat for the elderly tired at rest; name of goods and price tag than the supermarket will, also put a magnifying glass; the most important is that the supermarket only hire employees over the age of 60, has won the customer trust. At the same price, the turnover of 60+ supermarket is 20% higher than that of the same size supermarket……

after reading this article, I feel is musing, and inspiration. As the saying goes, "with the convenience of people, with their own convenience". For a supermarket, only to allow customers to shop convenience, the supermarket is also convenient to make money. Nowadays, all the countries in the world are gradually entering the aging society, the proportion of the aging population to the total population will be more and more big, and the elderly will gradually increase. But, in real life, go to the supermarket shopping crowd are mostly elderly, have plenty of leisure time in a retirement home so what supermarket warm elderly heart for the elderly shopping open the floodgates wide to the supermarket, also attracted the attention and favor of people chasing the pace.

I also see from the article and proved this point, because the 60+ supermarket "the customer would like to think, for the elderly shopping set everywhere convenient – the distance between the shelves is much larger than ordinary supermarket; back seat with shelves; shopping cart equipped with brakes, the latter half also set up a seat. The convenience of the elderly shopping tired at rest; name of goods and price tag than other supermarkets will also put a magnifying glass……

these measures greatly facilitate the elderly customers shopping, it is by the old customers, also increased the old customer trust to the supermarket, the supermarket, 60+ a lot of elderly people preferred shopping and shopping paradise, they even detour to 60+ shopping in the supermarket.

is also an extremely respect and care for the elderly in the supermarket, is also more susceptible to other age groups (young mothers with children, for example) the customer acceptance and love, because behind each of the elderly have stood a group of children, the elderly will have a good reputation for his mouth supermarket.