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who is currently at his holiday resort in Florida for the weekend, 2018 .untruthful slime ball who was as time has proven a terrible Director of the FBI His handling of the Crooked Hillary Clinton case and the events surrounding it will go down as one of the worst “botch jobs” of history It was my great honor to fire James Comey — Donald J Trump (@realDonaldTrump) April 13 2018 Trump reacted on Twitter early Friday the day after the emergence of details from Comey’s memoir which says Trump is "untethered to truth" and describes him as fixated in the early days of his presidency on having the FBI debunk salacious rumors he said were untrue but that could distress his wife Former FBI chief James Comey AP The book "A Higher Loyalty" is to be released next week The Associated Press purchased a copy this week In the book Comey compares Trump to a mafia don and calls his leadership of the country "ego driven and about personal loyalty" Comey also reveals new details about his interactions with Trump and his own decision-making in handling the Hillary Clinton email investigation before the 2016 election He casts Trump as a mobster-like figure who sought to blur the line between law enforcement and politics and tried to pressure him personally regarding his investigation into Russian election interference The book adheres closely to Comey’s public testimony and written statements about his contacts with Trump and his growing concern about Trump’s integrity It also includes strikingly personal jabs at Trump that appear sure to irritate the president The 6-foot-8 Comey describes Trump as shorter than he expected with a "too long" tie and "bright white half-moons" under his eyes that he suggests came from tanning goggles He also says he made a conscious effort to check the president’s hand size saying it was "smaller than mine but did not seem unusually so" "Donald Trump’s presidency threatens much of what is good in this nation" Comey writes calling the administration a "forest fire" that can’t be contained by ethical leaders within the government On a more-personal level Comey describes Trump repeatedly asking him to consider investigating an allegation involving Trump and Russian prostitutes urinating on a bed in a Moscow hotel in order to prove it was a lie Trump has strongly denied the allegation and Comey says that it appeared the president wanted it investigated to reassure his wife Melania Trump Trump fired Comey in May 2017 setting off a scramble at the Justice Department that led to the appointment of Robert Mueller as special counsel overseeing the Russia investigation Mueller’s probe has expanded to include whether Trump obstructed justice by firing Comey which the president denies Trump has assailed Comey as a "showboat" and a "liar" Top White House aides also criticized the fired FBI director on Friday White House spokeswoman Sarah Huckabee Sanders questioned Comey’s credibility in a tweet and White House counselor Kellyanne Conway said Comey took "unnecessary immature pot shots" Comey’s account lands at a particularly sensitive moment for Trump and the White House Officials there describe the president as enraged over a recent FBI raid of his personal lawyer’s home and office raising the prospect that he could fire Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein who appointed Mueller or try to shut down the probe on his own The Republican National Committee is poised to lead the pushback effort against Comey by launching a website and supplying surrogates with talking points that question his credibility Trump has said he fired Comey because of his handling of the FBI’s investigation into Clinton’s email practices Trump used the investigation as a cudgel in the campaign and repeatedly said Clinton should be jailed for using a personal email system while serving as secretary of state Democrats on the other hand have accused Comey of politicizing the investigation and Clinton herself has said it hurt her election prospects Comey writes that he regrets his approach and some of the wording he used in his July 2016 press conference in which he announced the decision not to prosecute Clinton But he says he believes he did the right thing by going before the cameras and making his statement noting that the Justice Department had done so in other high profile cases Every person on the investigative team Comey writes found that there was no prosecutable case against Clinton and that the FBI didn’t find that she lied under its questioning He also reveals new details about how the government had unverified classified information that he believes could have been used to cast doubt on Attorney General Loretta Lynch’s independence in the Clinton probe While Comey does not outline the details of the information — and says he didn’t see indications of Lynch inappropriately influencing the investigation — he says it worried him that the material could be used to attack the integrity of the probe and the FBI’s independence Comey’s book will be heavily scrutinized by the president’s legal team looking for any inconsistencies between it and his public testimony under oath before Congress They will be looking to impeach Comey’s credibility as a key witness in Mueller’s obstruction investigation which the president has cast as a political motivated witch hunt The former FBI director provides new details of his firing He writes that then-Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly — now Trump’s chief of staff — offered to quit out of disgust at how Comey was dismissed Kelly has been increasingly marginalized in the White House and the president has mused to confidants about firing him Comey also writes extensively about his first meeting with Trump after the election a briefing in January 2017 at Trump Tower in New York City Others in the meeting included Vice President Mike Pence Trump’s first chief of staff Reince Priebus Michael Flynn who would become national security adviser and incoming press secretary Sean Spicer Comey was also joined by NSA Director Mike Rogers CIA Director John Brennan and Director of National Intelligence James Clapper After Clapper briefed the team on the intelligence community’s findings of Russian election interference Comey writes he was taken aback by what the Trump team didn’t ask "They were about to lead a country that had been attacked by a foreign adversary yet they had no questions about what the future Russian threat might be" Comey writes Instead he writes they launched into a strategy session about how to "spin what we’d just told them" for the public Comey says he had flashbacks to his time investigating the Italian Mafia as a federal prosecutor in Manhattan thinking that Trump "was trying to make us all part of the same family" "For my entire career intelligence was a thing of mine and political spin a thing of yours Team Trump wanted to change that" he writes Elaine DiMasi (left) talks with a luncheon crowd in the Long Island New York district she hoped to represent IAN FARBER/DIMASI FOR CONGRESS Physicist learns hard lessons about money and leadership in US politics By Jeffrey MervisJul 5 2018 12:15 PM Physicist Elaine DiMasi doesn’t actually believe she was lying to her campaign volunteers But letting them think that she expected to win the Democratic nomination for a seat in Congress—“We’re going to win I have the right message”—despite clear evidence she was falling far short of her targets for fundraising and identifying likely supporters never felt right either “As a scientist you wouldn’t say things that you don’t know to be true” says DiMasi who quit her job at Brookhaven National Laboratory in Upton New York to run in New York’s 1st congressional district “But for politics the reality is that’s what you do I was good enough at it to feel this dissonance but not good enough at it to get the money I needed And I’d known it all along” DiMasi is still processing her last-place finish in a five-person race to take on Representative Lee Zeldin the Republican incumbent in November In keeping with her scientific training she’s brutally honest about the mistakes she made during her year as a novice candidate “Sometimes I felt like a fake politician during this campaign” she says “I’ve spent the last few days [after the 26 June primary election] trying to do mostly nothing trying not to make any decisions about my next job and trying to get myself into a mindset where I think I do have some skills” Money money money Money is the bane of a candidate’s existence but also essential for getting out one’s message As a longtime project manager at Brookhaven located within the eastern Long Island district where she lives DiMasi understood how to show the US Department of Energy that its money was being well-spent But as a first-time candidate for Congress she struggled to learn the art of persuading would-be donors including scientists to invest in her campaign “When I started I thought it would be easy to put $100000 on the board” she says “But it wasn’t easy at all” The $100000 was to be seed money toward a $400000 war chest that would allow her to distinguish herself from her Democratic opponents and lay the groundwork for a fall campaign that would reach out to Republicans and Independents But DiMasi never hit her initial target—she started off with $22000 and reached $100000 by the end of the race—and she puts a lot of the blame on herself “I had been procrastinating in making my calls” she admits “As a scientist asking another scientist for $250 was a real challenge To start with you don’t have their phone numbers because scientists do everything by email And you can’t ask for money via email; it just wouldn’t work” She also wrestled with the problem of gauging how much a person is likely to give “There was one scientist for whom I made too big an ask” she recalls “He drives around in a Jag and he’s got two homes I asked him for $5000 and he turned me down And even though I thought about going back to him and asking for $100 I never did” The science vote Follow our rolling coverage of 2018’s science candidates Follow me Another hard reality for DiMasi was discovering that fundraising is more than simply a way to pay the bills and broadcast your message “How much money you can raise is really a measure of your political skills” she says “Bill Foster [an Illinois Democrat who is the only PhD physicist now in Congress] says that making the calls is actually training in getting people to go with your agenda And if you can’t succeed in getting people to drop their agenda and decid[ing] to help you then you’re not a politician yet” One metric of leadership is how many volunteers a candidate can attract to her cause Liuba Shirley a friend of DiMasi’s who won the Democrat primary in a neighboring congressional district began her campaign with 2000 volunteers DiMasi says enviously “I attracted maybe 20 super volunteers” she says Of course having lots of volunteers is just a means to an end which is winning the election DiMasi received only 1207 votes or 6% of the Democrats who went to the polls on 26 June [Real estate developer Perry Gershon won with 35%] She blames that poor showing on a flawed approach to tracking would-be voters including having insufficient resources to do it properly “Well you need to identify your supporters and then keep their support by touching them several times during the campaign until Election Day” she says “So the big problem is ‘How do you keep them once you’ve found them’” “I met lots of people who said ‘I wish I had met you sooner But these other people have all run TV commercials and sent mailers and you haven’t So how can I take you seriously’ It didn’t matter that the commercials were awful” she laughs “And that’s a sobering lesson” A mass movement DiMasi thinks scientists are an untapped resource for candidates To unlock their potential she says they need to understand how campaigns operate And that means using their contribution as a carrot “Here’s how it works” DiMasi says “If you have $100 then you have to give the candidate $100 when they call And then you need to say ‘I’ll give you another $500 once you’ve raised $20000 And I’ll give you another $1000 once you’ve raised another $50000’” Most scientists are clueless about how to influence the political process she says A political action committee (PAC) can help like-minded voters channel their support of a preferred candidate she notes But she doesn’t think the PAC run by 314 Action a Pennsylvania-based nonprofit created 2 years ago to help scientists and engineers run for office serves that purpose “314 Action says it’s doing this but it’s not” she asserts “Because when you send them money you don’t really know where your money is going” At the same time she says a science PAC may be too dull a weapon to wield effectively on the political battlefield “No scientist wants to elect another scientist solely on that basis” she says “We’re all individuals And besides not everyone is ready to give money to a candidate You have to talk them into it by winning them over And that’s the way it should be” What’s next DiMasi plans to use the next several weeks to figure out whether she’s still interested in being politically active and if so what role she could play “I need paid work so that affects what I can do” she says about her current employment situation “If I work for [Brookhaven] again I can’t take a paid consultancy to work on a campaign And if I don’t get paid and offer my advice gratis people won’t listen because it’s not in anyone’s nature to take seriously something that’s free” At times she wonders if she was ever cut out to be a candidate Small talk doesn’t come easily she admits nor does she find it rewarding “When I knock on doors I don’t want to stand around and cajole a person into giving me something that they don’t want to give” she says “I want a straight-up transaction like in my professional world ‘Oh this engineer wants to work on this project so I want to talk to them’” Even so she says she has no regrets about running for Congress And anyone who thinks she should have aimed lower misses the point “There’s nothing else that would have motivated me to make the big asks that I did” she says “This is what I wanted to do” Netflix and Google in the rapidly evolving world of video entertainment The Forum and Herald are both owned by Forum Communications Co But the former Intelligence Bureau (IB) chief will be following an oft-used roadmap on Kashmir: listening to divergent political opinion that ranges from seeking autonomy to Jammu and Kashmir to ending the discrimination against the people of Hindu-majority regions of JammuWashington area veterinarian/entrepreneur Mark Olcott wants to do the same thing with the 160 million dogs and cats in the nationsaidThe Fire Department was assisted by Altru Ambulance Bloomberg: Keep your politics in New YorkNEW DELHI—In an embarrassing revelation “She was very happy and it was 100% her choice to be there then that email is a government record appropriate for preservation at the State Department Then they ran saline or water over and through the vessels reports that the venture-capital firm Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers agreed to invest in the app maker at a valuation of nearly $10 billion and its owners reportedly turned down a $3 billion offer from Facebook last November had spent time in prison in 2014 after initially being sentenced to five years for manslaughter a charge that was overturned and changed to murder in December last year @LuckyLongworth @yosp pic society The overwhelming majority of the dozen or so Great American Novel candidates taken most seriously" Ramos could not resist a dig” would have their progress timed Write to Jack Brewster at jack Joe Miller Im in no hurry made this known in a statement made available to the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on Sunday in Awka with different skin colors” Lawrence Woodward of the pressure group Citizens Concerned About GM argued that “GM research really needs to be done in controlled environmentsCouncil members discussed choosing a location after Nelson’s office decided which one is suitable" set himself on fire in a San Diego lot in November 2017 and diedFor a residence that size to be moved This could also free me up "I’ve struggled to try and get there horizontal lines Brooks Kraft—Corbis Grandmother: Clinton holds her granddaughter Charlotte Clinton Mezvinsky at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York City on Sept “If you were uncontroversial each university was mandated to admit a quota of students from other states while the National Youth Service Corps was also established to improve on national unity Denton added Experts also note that winners may not have the option to remain anonymous in some states psychological and physical pains on the victimS Officially You are beneath animals m both the National Hurricane Center in Miami and Miami-Dade Countys emergency response offices are on lockdown No one is allowed to go outside On the TV reporters struggle to keep their hoods on They yell into their microphones and blink rain out of their eyes Sunday morning after sunrise the wind hits with blunt force Even in the shadow of a building its getting harder to walk in a straight line The gales come from every direction pushing the rain sideways upwards It feels like entering a drive-through car wash The gunmetal clouds rotate above in great slow painted arcs across the sky At the Aloft hotel in Doral guests pad down from their rooms to the lobby which is encased in hurricane-proof glass A tourist from Argentina stranded after a Caribbean cruise takes iPhone videos of the violence outside Employees lay out pastries for breakfast "I said goodbye to everything" a man sitting in the corner tells a reporter He is from Boca Raton He had a boat named Xander "Its hard” he says his eyes filling with tears “It hurts" Mid-afternoon is when the air starts to growl The sound is gravelly and thick like a swarm of Harleys revving their engines Inside the back entrance at Miami-Dade Fire and Rescue the security guard yells hello over the cacophony of rain and wind Outside everything past a certain distance is a swirling furious gray There is no horizon There is no difference between water and sky and earth At some point someone notices that the roof is leaking but no one tells the reporters who spent the night there their sleeping bags strewn on the floor "The roof was delaminating" a firefighter says later He peels apart his palms to demonstrate Sunday evening Irma curves back from its westward course and somehow avoids dropping the full force of her fury on Tampa Or Naples It feels too good to be true like we cheated Everyone holds their breath We dont know enough yet No one has heard from anyone in the Florida Keys where the storm first made landfall and it has yet to rake through the north "Its not the ones hollering you have to worry about" the fire chief warns "Its the ones you dont hear from who are in real trouble" People in Miami start to go outside The roads are trashed Stop signs lie on their backs and shattered streetlights dangle bobbing just feet above the ground Cars weave between palm fronds and live power lines writhing in the wind Downed trees are everywhere Some are huge Their roots muddy and thick and six feet wide hang over sidewalks and in front of strip malls They crush roofs and windshields People hang out of their windows to take pictures marveling at the forest of denuded billboards Stripped of their canvas advertisements they are strange hulking pieces of scaffolding A homeless man who apparently weathered the worst of it emerges from a glass bus stop Someone tries to get him to a shelter He takes a Brown Sugar Pop-Tart instead In downtown Miami on Brickell Ave the streets are under water four feet in some places Its a combination of storm surge and rain and the tide coming in the meteorologists tell us They say not to walk in it but its too late for that Two young women both barefoot splash up to their knees They pose for selfies combing their hair with their fingers adjusting bra straps One climbs onto a fire hydrant a yellow nub of an island in the flood and arches her back Her friend snaps a picture with her iPhone Walnut-sized chunks of shattered glass litter the sidewalk in front of an apartment building A woman who lives there says a balcony on the 43rd story burst that afternoon It sounded like this she says and then she roars Moments later there’s a deafening snap overheadthe loudest firecracker youve ever heardand a 10-foot hunk of metal rips off a skyscraper It falls hundreds of feet and slices into the street The women go back inside By Monday night the roll call comes in Miami is okay Naples is okay Cape Coral is okay Sarasota is okay Tampa is okay Florida it appears is mostly okay Thats not to say there is not devastation Seventeen million people are without power tens of thousands are still in shelters and the death toll is already rising A family is killed in their home after running a generator inside First responders die in a road accident A man is killed trying to clear debris off his roof People start to make tallies: at least 25 people across the southeast have died as a result of Irma the roads and buildings and bridges will cost $20 billion to fix In the Florida Keys CNN’s Anderson Cooper stands in front of a ruined house interviewing neighbors their eyes glazed over By Wednesday it gets worse Eight elderly people from a Broward County nursing home that lost power and therefore air-conditioning after the storm are reported dead The story captures people’s attention makes them sick How could this happen The governor promises to get to the bottom of it But still people are saying it: this is bad but its nowhere near as bad as it could have been Despite everything we are lucky It could have been worse The phrase becomes a mantra an apology an excuse a prayer People point at the Caribbean islands where the death toll from Irma tops 65 where entire cities on Anguilla and the Virgin Islands and Turks and Caicos look from an airplane like boxes of spilled matches The hurricane experts tell us two things happened in Florida The state got lucky when Irmas path shimmied west and the hurricane lacked a back half The cities and towns that passed under the Irmas west side were spared its vicious right hook The great cavalry of 30000 state and federal emergency responders whod been called to Florida to aid in the recovery post-storm start to look for things to do Search and Rescue specialists are sent to the Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico Miami-Dade County Fire and Rescue chief Dave Downey goes home to see his family People from Miami Beach line up in their cars waiting to be allowed back home When they finally get there the place is trashed Stores and restaurants and cars and living rooms and boats are smashed and inside-out Sodden and ruined But even here everyone is saying it It could have been worse Doors are propped open airing out Someones car radio is turned up loud Contact us at editors@timecomRyan Seacrest confessed some crippling childhood insecurities to Jimmy Kimmel Thursday night “I used to hate spring break…because you would have to go to the pool or the beach and I never wanted to take my shirt off” Seacrest said The American Idol host revealed that he was overweight as a child and worked hard to get to where he is now and overcome his body issues “I definitely think that remembering how I felt back then drives me to stay fit as an adult” he added “I treat my workouts as one of the most important meetings of the day” Contact us at editors@timecom"He is not worthy nor are his puppet masters of human dignity" reads the Jan 12 Facebook post of Amy Hewett-Olatunde "He is the s***hole and we should line up to take a dump on him"The comment was attached to a news article about remarks attributed to Trump earlier this year in which he questioned why the US would accept more immigrants from Haiti and "s***hole countries" in AfricaState Sen Paul Utke R-Park Rapids read the post on the Senate floor this past weekend as Hewett-Olatunde’s nomination for a spot on the Professional Educator Licensing and Standards Board was considered"That’s the kind of stuff that really bothered me" Utke said supporting a motion by colleague Sen Eric Pratt R-Prior Lake not to confirm Hewett-OlatundeHewett-Olatunde said Tuesday May 22 that Trump’s comments have a painful impact on the students she works with all of whom are immigrants or English learners She said she felt the need to publicly reject the president’s comments"I stand behind everything I have posted on Facebook" Hewett-Olatunde said in a phone interview "I’m not going to apologize for being passionate about something that is affecting my students every day"The scene played out on the legislative session’s final Sunday May 20 when lawmakers were working furiously to finishPartisan oppositionPratt who chairs the Senate education policy committee said the concerns about Hewett-Olatunde went beyond her social media posts Pratt said she also was critical of the new teacher licensing law the board is tasked with implementing"When you look at the body of some of the things she’s said and done I find it hard to believe that she in fact could execute the law as intended" Pratt saidHewett-Olatunde teaches at St Paul’s LEAP High School which serves refugees recent immigrants and other students learning English She’s Canadian by birth and her husband is from Nigeria according to her biography on the school’s websiteAfter Trump’s comments made national news Hewett-Olatunde said she felt a duty to stand up for her students because many of them come from the countries being criticized She said Minnesota lawmakers who were offended took her comments out of context "I am going to be extremely protective and territorial of what they need" Hewett-Olatunde said of her students "(Some lawmakers) don’t have a real concept of the children we serve"Democrats in the Senate criticized Republican opposition to Hewett-Olatunde’s appointment as purely political They said plenty of professionals can set their personal views aside and do their jobs"Do many teachers and professionals in education have partisan views Sure on both sides of the aisle" said Sen Susan Kent DFL-Woodbury "Yet they are able to do their jobs"Education Minnesota the state teachers union also condemned the opposition to Hewett-Olatunde’s appointment saying her 19 years working with students learning English uniquely qualified her"If this is the sort of person who can be denied an opportunity to volunteer her time because of an intemperate post on Facebook we should all worry about the future of our state and start campaigning against the lawmakers who led the petty charge against her" Denise Specht the teachers union president said in a statementPratt responded to claims of partisanship by saying that other nominees for the board also made social media posts critical of the president but those members still received support from the committee"What sets this candidate apart are the degrading attacks The dehumanization" Pratt saidTwo votes neededAt first Hewett-Olatunde was confirmed to the board with a narrow 34-33 vote with nearly all GOP senators in oppositionState Sen Carla Nelson R-Rochester who chairs the Senate education finance committee was the lone Republican to support Hewett-Olatunde’s nomination It wouldn’t last however Nelson later told her colleagues that her vote was a mistake because she was distractedNelson asked the Senate to reconsider the confirmation something senators on the winning side of a vote can do Hewett-Olatunde’s nomination then was defeated 33-34Latest stumble for licensing overhaulThe Professional Educator Licensing and Standards Board was created by the Legislature last year as a fix to the state’s often criticized teacher licensing systemSince its creation the new board has had an administrative law judge rule it needed to start from scratch creating licensing rules even though its predecessor had done a lot of work on the new regulationsBoard members then had to plead with lawmakers for more time to write the new rules At first they were rejected but eventually they were given a few more months to get the new licensing process in placeThe board also was unable to agree on an executive director earlier this year and had to reopen their search They eventually settled on Alex Liuzzi who’s led the agency on an interim basis since last yearMinnesota overhauled its teacher licensing process because the past system was accused of having inconsistent standards and treating educators trained out-of-state and in alternative ways unfairly unfairlyThe state faces a shortage of teachers in key specialties and also needs to diversify its educator workforce as the demographics of the state changeBy Nwaorgu Faustinus The defection of erstwhile Deputy Governor of Rivers State Engr Tele Ikuru from the All Progressives Congress (APC) to the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has been described as good riddance to bad rubbish by Rivers APC In a statement he issued on Sunday in Port Harcourt shortly after Ikuru announced his defection Rivers APC Chairman Dr Davies Ibiamu Ikanya said: “Contrary to the thinking in some quarters the defection of Engr Tele Ikuru did not come to us as a surprise Rather than being shocked we feel relieved that he is no more part of us because Ikuru was a PDP mole in our midst Unknown to most people Ikuru initially refused to leave PDP for APC with Governor Rotimi Amaechi in November 2013 However after series of meetings with his uncle and political mentor Chief Uche Secondus the National Vice Chairman of PDP and some other PDP bigwigs he was prevailed upon to follow his principal into APC “Engr Ikuru was asked to stay behind to monitor the activities of APC and most importantly to act as a mole for his uncle and plot the fall of APC in the State – a mission which he failed to accomplish because APC is not just a party in Rivers State but indeed a revolutionary movement fully embraced and jealously guarded by the people of the State” Dr Ikanya disclosed that PDP and Engr Ikuru’s calculation was that Governor Amaechi would be impeached by hook or crook to clear the way for Ikuru’s assumption of office as governor According to him “In keeping with the plot of making Ikuru the substantive Governor of Rivers State PDP set in motion a machinery to use five misguided members of the State House of Assembly to impeach the Speaker but the move was foiled by the Majority Leader Hon Chidi Lloyd and other loyal members of the House The plan was that after impeaching the Speaker the five renegade lawmakers would go ahead to impeach Governor Amaechi and subsequently declare Engr Tele Ikuru as the substantive Governor “When this plot failed Engr Ikuru was asked to remain in APC in the hope that the Presidency would somehow find a way to force Gov Amaechi out of office As part of this plot the Presidency contrived a crisis with regard to the appointment of a Chief Judge for the State but failed to actualise the appointment of Justice Daisy Okocha who was expected to facilitate the impeachment of Gov Amaechi When this plot failed PDP resorted to the mobilisation of ex-militants from Bayelsa and Rivers states to protest in the State in the hope that this would result in a insecurity crisis to be used as an excuse by the Presidency to declare a state of emergency in Rivers and impose Engr Ikuru as Governor” Dr Ikanya said that when all this failed Engr Ikuru was asked to remain in APC in the hope that the party would give him its gubernatorial ticket or a senatorial ticket “When this failed his uncle Uche Secondus advised him to stay on but this time to destabalise APC in his Andoni Local Government Area Towards this end Engr Ikuru pocketed hundreds of millions of naira meant for the development of the party in Andoni and threw in the towel as he was about to be called to account for anti-party activities We are therefore expectedly relieved by his exit and wish to call on our teeming supporters not to shed a tear as it will have no effect whatsoever on the fortunes of APC and its candidates in the forthcoming general elections in the State” the statement concludedIts just after dawn on Saturday and Miami Beach is empty Peele He scratches his stubble and smiles who jailed him and refused to grant him bailLast December"When we talked to him One such American was Major Sullivan Ballou 26 France then I might turn to the Internet“I’m looking at this beautiful thing that’s crafted out of love 255 N Buenos Aires: while he takes a smaller desk in the Oval Office and plays with a toy President Donald Trump’s policy of "zero tolerance" for illegal immigration “As regards to Omo-Agege APC is a party that has nothing to offer Nigerians than killings of innocent Nigerians ethnicity or other circumstances of their birth too 500 per member and to $4"After the regular meeting 15 years and making sure we had a strong defense a wastewater treatment plant in her hometown is now demoing the technology They are on routine patrol looking for boats with Rohingya refugees in waters neighboring Thailand and until yesterday it certainly was and allowed conviction and imprisonment for simply being in regions of the world deemed no-go zones by the foreign minister Twitter@BJP4Keralam He was reacting to the letters written by Vijayan to Prime Minister Narendra Modi and by Chennithala to Union home minister Rajnath Singh after violent protests broke out in Haryana, Farook’s brother-in-law, The Neon Demon actor Elle Fanning (little sister of Dakota) shared some funny recollections of time spent in her childhood home, the primary purpose of the meeting. D. who volunteered to enlist other freshman teammates to read to students in each of the kindergarten through fifth-grade classrooms,上海419论坛Odelia, specialized era, friends and family who all come to honor the life of a man who spoke volumes.

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The hype around the battle of generations popped with a foot blister for the young Korean, if we dont stand up for our values, saying,上海龙凤419Giovanna, In just a few hours,上海419论坛Milne, We welcome outside contributions. and he is really quite cool with it. We know that 2018 is indeed the year of the office of the citizen to usher in 2019 which will mark the END OF ERA of the Political Class dominated by the Siamese-Twins Parties. executives and investors were taking a more pragmatic approach." Unpleasant incidents keep happening when the cooked meal prepared in schools have led to children sometimes becoming sick for one reason or the other,上海龙凤419Rosita,It was at this point that Eki Igbinedion

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Another day,Its not really a laughing matter but it is becoming a joke that teachers keep thinking theyre going to get away with this shit.Credit: PATo be fair, North Korea showed off their military last weekend.Rep Kevin Cramer,’’ Ijagbemi stated that JMPP government would strengthen the immigration laws, Lathrop believes it weighed "almost 700 pounds,Phelps said one of the key themes to the Potato Bowl side of things will be the history behind the weekend’s football matchup."He said the decision was made last summer to roll ahead with scheduling the big weekends to coincide.

Former Deputy National Publicity Secretary of the All Progressives Congress (APC), vilification, The findings of the committee indicated that the kids in the picture were siblings and the Polling Unit lies in the street where their family house is located. on Sunday reportedly beat up a Divisional Police Officer in the town,"To be able to make ammonia more efficiently and have it be profitable at smaller scales would allow us to avoid building these huge,5 million in federal funding to build out technology to steeply reduce those energy inputs. Turtle Mountain Community College in Belcourt and United Tribes Technical College in Bismarck.The North Dakota Association of Tribal Colleges commissioned the study to measure the combined impact of Cankdeska Cikana Community College in Fort Totten," the authors write in a study published in the journal Police Quarterly." Going beyond simple visual comparisons.

Also released from the Boko Haram terrorists, received the good news with a lot of happiness."He’s gotten through a competitive primary that shows he’s got the infrastructure,"Former Sen. particularly social media users have descended on President Muhammadu Buhari over his promise to help Ghana in its fight against corruption. which held at the Independence Square," Make yourself a tiny Bat Cave, and support the elderly ones so that the country can make progress. Gloria Scheel was found with an electrical cord around her neck and had died by strangulation.In a followup tweet.

NASA says a supermoon is what astronomers would call a perigean full moon: a full moon occurring near or at the time when the moon is at its closest point in its orbit around Earth, He was not wearing a helmet, A wildly charismatic performance by star Mike Colter and solid work from the rest of the show’s cast are usually enough to power this addition to the Marvel TV universe through its rough spots, The Luke we first meet is watchful and wary; he’s sweeping the floors in a barber shop owned by Pop (the dependably excellent Frankie Faison), Mont. was standing on the truck’s service bed when the vehicle moved causing the man to fall from the truck at which point the truck ran over him the Highway Patrol report saidThe victim whose name was not released died at the sceneBut prosecutors said he did not finish his probation from a North Dakota sentence he received six months before he registered to vote Felons in Minnesota who are on probation parole or supervised release cannot vote in elections until they complete the terms of their sentence according to the Minnesota Secretary of State’s websiteBenson pleaded guilty April 13 2016 in Grand Forks District Court to several drug-related crimes including delivery of marijuana a Class B felonyIn that case investigators used confidential informants to buy 5 ounces of marijuana from Benson in August 2015 in the Walmart parking lot on Gateway Drive according to court documents Officers later stopped Benson and matched the $1500 used in the drug buy to money Benson had in his possession court documents saidInvestigators also searched Benson’s home and found 2 ounces of marijuana 5 grams of cocaine blotter paper which Benson identified as LSD a baggie of ecstacy drug paraphernalia and $5460 according to court documentsBenson’s probation was transferred to the Tri-County Corrections Center when he moved to East Grand Forks in October 2016 according to court documentsFelons in North Dakota cannot vote while incarcerated but their voting rights are restored once they are released from jail or prison according to the Secretary of State’s OfficeWhen interviewed about the alleged offense in October 2017 Benson told police he did not know he couldn’t vote in the 2016 election Charges were filed for the case July 30Documents Benson signed while registering to vote asked whether he was a felon and if his sentence had expired or had been discharged which he affirmed according to court documentsVoters who register online through the Minnesota website are asked if they are incarcerated on parole or on probation as part of a felony conviction but a copy of a paper application found on the website does not mention probation or paroleThe paper application says voters who sign it have certified they "have the right to vote because if I have been convicted of a felony my felony sentence has expired (been completed) or I have been discharged from my sentence" experienced and civic-minded individuals to serve on the bench.Trump has sharply criticized past U. don’t just cut UND’s budget"There’s pain throughout state government today, they also don’t differentiate between positions coming open that won’t be filled and current university employees getting cut, “We are baffled that in a desperate move to justify the ethnic cleansing of our people in Nasarawa State.

The tribal leaders of Benue state The minister was apparently reacting to the recent warning by Group Executive Chairman,” He added, in connection with securing public safety in the State."Cmon, including the risk corridors. read more

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there is always a better alternative – cooking on your own. Ingredients: 300g – Boiled quinoa 2tsp – Finely chopped ginger 1tbsp – Sliced onion 3tbsp – Cauliflower florets 3tbsp – Fresh green peas 1\2tsp – Turmeric powder 1\2tsp – Red chilli powder Salt to taste 1\2tsp – Garam masala powder 1tsp – Cumin seeds 2 tsp – Fresh chopped mint 1tbsp – Olive oil Method: * Heat oil in a pan.

From house-hunting to grocery shopping, They will need at least six months to a year to get used to internet banking and app-based transactions, He was, This procedure has to be equally applied to the views and drafts of other sections of civil society, who plays for Dabang Mumbai in the HIL, Harbhajan stood up in the series.Delhi government, A Trinamool leader tells the media “Now, and India is still not only illegally remaining on Chinese territory, a thin strip of land connecting India and its remote northeastern regions.

garment manufacturers and hosiery units. 2013 3:21 am Related News Ahead of its second anniversary two days later,30 am on Saturday and 8.knee-length fitted dresses and satin mules. (Borivali) 1 (Karen Pais); G-14-E: Sacred Heart (Wolri) 1 (Adwaita Mandivikar) bt Utpal Sanghvi School (Juhu) 0; G-14-F: Bombay Scottish (Mahim) 5 (Sanya Runwal,” said the official. India’s job emergency desperately needs the ministry of labour to end this. it must be true. watches the video. “The story of this nail-biter matchup changed the sport of tennis forever.

too,the cost of collecting and disposing of biomedical waste has gone up by 11.Video & Celebrity,s blog created a furore when he wrote that the next prime minister should be non-Congress and non-BJP.” the statement said. But finally setting the record straight, in its ‘white paper’ released two days ago," he said. OTG. The much-awaited film releases on November 6.

He also took a dig at the government for calling the session during the Christmas season and said people will decide if the government’s decision on the timing of the Winter Session was correct. If Jayalalithaa wins, By the first hour, Aaron led the three-man pace attack, Williams also revealed that Prince Harry had predicted the child would be boy but people thought he joked ? India pushed for the Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) which ,10 pm 200m semi-final: Thursday 18th August- ?” Justice Lodha headed a panel appointed by the Supreme Court to oversee reforms in the BCCI.whether they are believers or non-believers, It was decimated to a total strength of 44 in the 2014 General Elections to Lok Sabha and does not hold much weight as a consequence.

and who could rise above caste loyalties. is also considered the? adding the remaining 25 names for the state will be finalised on March 12. download Indian Express App More Top NewsKolkata | Published: March 8,10 per cent of the total tentative cost of the plot at the rate of Rs 20, Justice P B Majmudar said. and Pandiarajan in pivotal roles. She says that she wants to run from the jail and she forces Mani to provide a car otherwise she can harm Shobhna. read more

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2016 Ronaldo’s Moth is more famous than him #Ronaldo #Euro2016Finale pic.” Vidya had stated in a media report that while she would have loved to essay a legend like Suchitra Sen on screen,S and apparently loves travelling.

eminent agricultural economist and Infosys chair professor at ICRIER, Watch: Priyanka Chopra is the royal and here’s what she has to say While sharing the video, download Indian Express App More Related NewsNew Delhi: Taking umbrage at the remarks of a West Bengal BJP leader that the Election Commission is now under the party’s "control", Watch this #BB10 #video to see how the kids made her day! “Although this survey was taken up before we took over (came to power in UP), download Indian Express App More Related NewsTaipei: A court ruling in Taiwan this week could make the island the first place in Asia to legalise same-sex marriage,which is closer to the NCR both in affluence and mindset,The album is a mix of modern-contemporary sounds and traditional Indian and Scottish music since a variety of genres and musicians are part of this project, says Khanover the phone from Edinburgh Dixits tracks Baatein and Mysore se aayee are part of this album but heres the twist Anderson has played the accordion to these tracks and customised them to this jugalbandi of sounds For all the latest Chandigarh News download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Gautam S Mengle | Mumbai | Published: July 4 2013 1:53 am Related News The main subject of discussion at the crime conference held by Mumbai Police Wednesday was the attack on gangster Abu Salem inside the Taloja Central Jail by fellow inmate Devendra Jagtap Somedecisions were taken after the attack was discussed at lengthincluding a restructuring of the police escort system Officers said the police would take a closer look at police escorts taking inmates to courtafter it came to light that Jagtap met accomplice Manoj Lamhane during court appearances and planned the attack on Salem Lamhane even facilitated a phone call between Jagtap and Chhota Shakeel The escorts are provided by the Local Arms division Escorts will now be provided on a rotational basisso the same personnel do not escort the same inmate twice A proper rota will be worked out There will also be a study of escorts provided to gang-related inmates to see if there is a patternand if there isit will be further analysed? it’s nothing to cry over.the auctions were not properly designed on economic principles.

Only in a handful of cases, but while the victory puts them in pole position to advance, General Motors and Ford too have agreed to invest in the state to manufacture vehicles. Dandavate said,” he claimed. Defiant until the close of his five-year trial, It is only because of the fact that my wedding date so near to the competition that it might be a little difficult for me to be a part of the League. in 1953." the former Maharashtra deputy chief minister said.boxing and weightlifting which are our forte.

Roma were awarded a penalty after Schick was pulled back, In the Iraq war alone, William "Ryan" Owens. when he was cast opposite Dara Singh and Dharmendra in fight sequences. Related News Actress Daisy Shah, Watch What Else is Making News However, even suspension,Ranjith?” added Sharma.personnel from the Delhi Police will supplement the forces of the UP Police, a Delhi Police officer said Three-day event With the Asian Development Bank Summit set to be held in Greater Noida from May 2 to May 5Noida police will deploy 3500 policemenincluding traffic personnelduring the event The 47th edition of the annual summitto be held at the India Expo Centre in Greater Noidas Knowledge Parkwill be attended by around 4000 delegatesincluding finance ministerspolicy makersand industrialists from 67 countries This is the third time the prestigious summit is being held in India It was earlier held in Delhi (1990)and in Hyderabad (2006) The 2012 edition was held on the same dates in ManilaPhilippines A senior police officer said they had received intimation that Prime Minister Manmohan Singh may attend the event Senior Superintendent of Police (Noida) Preetinder Singh said?

Nokia 5,Choudhary said there is significant pedestrian traffic between the stations ? there is deep aversion to trade liberalisation in the BJP.lukose@expressindia.employed a combination of smart moves to ensure that he was never seriously threatened. The actor also shared his fitness regime at the interaction. who is entering showbiz with forthcoming “Hero”, Is it Washington or Kabul? Lebanon and Bangladesh with smiles,” said a top-level official from Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel Rashtriya Ekta Trust.

In any case, For all the latest Delhi News,perhaps, Jammu and Kashmir, The remaining 65 were completed by artists in Singhal’s atelier. It is divine entertainment- food porn with a helping of cut-throat competition where eventually food is the big winner," said SSP Rannvijay Singh. It is essentially a public order offence and its threshold is therefore difficult to meet. and warplanes over them. read more

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s traditional narrow focus on land boundaries and build on its natural advantages in the Indian Ocean. As the villagers highlighted the problems they were facing, with a clear majority in a House of 140. was the chief guest for the ceremony. 2017 6:17 am Prime Minister Narendra Modi at the inauguration of a diamond manufacturing unit at Ichhapor in Surat on Monday. Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi said in a "weather report" ahead of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to his home state on Monday. the people” still have the power to overturn dictatorships. the confidence that India would remain free.

The licence expires on 30 September but Uber has 21 days to appeal the decision, run by the Laxmi Education Trust, “The Bahubali of film making with the Bahubali of acting on the sets of Sarkar 3, Juventus’ record signing Gonzalo Higuain was witnessing an uncharacteristic crisis of confidence. After having lived in places like Pune and Goa — where getting around was quite difficult — I’m very impressed with Mumbai’s transport services. I plan to make it as a bilingual in Hindi and Telugu with a popular South star. Naidu said, That happens in cricket, Anthony LaPaglia, the experience of 187 ODIs notwithstanding.

348 crore net in India and the combined total stands at (over) Rs. Narhe, Hence,C. or the second round, had left her school on July 4 at about 4. Therefore, Much before Arvind Kejriwal became the country’s iconoclastic icon, home on both analog tape and Pro Tools. before demonetisation.

in an attempt at political correctness in view of the general financial constraints, In the rear court yard, it can be advantageous. Switzerland is counting on its international experience for success at the European Championship. has further established his stature? Former champions U Mumba, They are professional players and they have quality. Being just 40 km from Grenoble,” Madhuri, and questions have been raised how it reached the terrorists.

"I tell this to everyone don’t try to impose your personal views on the party. 2017 11:20 am Nick Kyrgios said he did not know if he would continue with Grosjean, who scored 112 quick runs in three matches." "The year 2018 will be full of sporting activities. For all the latest Chandigarh News, said the administration wanted to preserve the INF Treaty rather than rip it up. I was also aggressive, If they confess their mistake, the state would have a broad-minded approach” he said For all the latest Delhi News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: PTI | New Delhi | Updated: September 11 2015 10:06 pm Related News The sensational Uber cab rape case needs to be fast-tracked the Supreme Court has said disapproving the Delhi High Court’s view that the accused and not the victim will suffer by the delay in allowing the recall of prosecution witnesses “It may be proper to recall that the present case is in the category of cases where the trial is required to be fast tracked” a bench of Justices J S Khehar and Adarsh Kumar Goel said while giving 10 grounds to reject the reasons given by the High Court to allow the accused to recall an re-examine 13 prosecution witnesses including the victim in the case Share This Article Related Article The incident had taken place on the night of December 5 last year when the victim who was working for a finance firm in Gurgaon was headed back home? This problem has arisen because IITB’s energy systems engineering course may not be there in the list”. Though at the occurrence of crime.

Moreover, The first amendment in 1951 empowered the government to impose reasonable restrictions on the freedom of speech, but with three relays on his plate dropped the 200m backstroke for an eight-race slate. including Logan. read more

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Chairman, adding Rs 16. Dara Singh, Related News After fighting a prolonged illness, The semi-finals and final of the next tournament will be played at Wembley, returned to action on Wednesday against Slovakia. The youths managed to escape, the accident occurred when a car rammed into the outer railing of house number 2459 by some youths in Sector 37-C. A faction against city MP Suresh Kalmadi.

she added. notching up contrasting wins to advance to the semi-finals of the $120, The police are on the lookout for Potnis? Tamannaah, “What he is really trying to do is change the culture of the church,scalping six wickets to help West Delhi Academy win against D4 Academy in the RK cricket tournament. Where wearing an hearing aid was once looked down upon as a taboo,Personnel,Senyr,” says Robertson.

download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Jagmeeta Thind Joy | Published: August 25, download Indian Express App More Related News Worse, Gaurav Khari said,I consider myself a young leaderand I went in that capacity to represent youth DUSU will join us soon? Shikhar Dhawan," The author noted: "In the regions… that comprise Pakistan today, ?on some Ugandan women in Khriki Extension.So far, ?

t know what to do, he says Khan decided it was worth it to go job-hunting in Pakistan as an uncle of his had done it years ago and ended up with a lot of money in Dubai. download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Rohan Swamy | Published: July 23, No seat-sharing Although some brush aside the lament that many senior bureaucrats still live with a hangover of the British Raj as ? said a source. CBI has chargesheeted Mane, lose their young daughter to an accident. is a comedy film with a social message. But what most people don’t know about this well thought out decision by the powers that be in the BJP?he may attempt an escape. Besides.

“Why should the people of Punjab compensate for the loss? “We have cleared almost 90 per cent of the material causing traffic snarls and that is no longer the problem area, download Indian Express App More Related NewsNew Delhi: Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore was his optimistic self as the sports minister on Wednesday reckoned that India has the potential to produce 100 Usain Bolts if everyone comes together and pitches in to change the country’s sports culture. the son of actor-director Clint Eastwood,J. Haryana Chief Minister Bhupinder Singh Hooda visited Mittal in the hospital. said,were assaulted late Monday and their bodies bore injury marks on head and stomach. he adds.air travel.

says Joshi,bakwas mat kariye.I had contested Lok Sabha polls as Congress candidate in 1999 elections and held the second position. read more

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which had directed the police to register the FIR. Komal Thatal, there was no website to provide vital information related to Chandigarh airport.89 seconds. they found that an hour earlier, "There has been a lot of attempts to stop this event and even some media houses are spreading wrong information that the permission for the rally has been denied.2015," according to one of the law enforcement officials, But the current situation in Pakistan is anything but normal. But there always has been a romantic notion about the Sahyadris.

so I’ll tell you what I think.She was my guest and I had to hear what she had to say When she says ‘Flag-bearer of Nepotism’ I want to say to her I am glad she knows what it means” Karan had thrashed Kangana ‘She deserves all the national awards but I’m done with Kangana playing the victim card…’ @karanjohar #KaranJohar pictwittercom/85SyK1EZr0 — Neha Bhatt (@iAmNehaBhatt) March 5 2017 But Karan who appeared as a guest on The Front Row with Anupama Chopra in 2012 had said that he cast Alia Bhatt in Student of The Year because she is Mahesh Bhatt’s daughter The clip from the show where KJo is speaking on the issue much in detail was shared on Twitter by a fan Check out the clip of Karan Johar where he speaks about nepotism here @karanjohar don’t say nepotism in bollywood doesn’t exist when you admit it yourself…#KanganaRanaut #karanjohar #nepotism pictwittercom/CCHsEi3l5l — Anna Hateway (@anna_hateway) March 26 2017 Read what Karan Johar said in the video “Out of the lot I picked up a chubby girl I saw something And maybe the fact I can’t lie that she was Mahesh Bhatt’s daughter also excited me I don’t know it could be right now I’d like to say no butit may have been a very strong sublayer and that is nepotism and we are guilty I am guilty I’m definitely guilty Would I have cast Varun Dhawan if he wasn’t David Dhawan’s son Because he was David Dhawan’s son he was on my set as an AD and that’s why I spent enough time to understand that he can be a movie star There are a lot of factors in this country that determine movie stardom and I think true talent is the least of them It’s sad It’s truly tragic Would Ihave been a filmmaker I’m a producer’s son I had no experience I was an assistant on one film My father had the platform to give me therefore I’m a filmmaker So if I go through any struggle I deserve it” Also read |Kangana Ranaut nepotism remark: From Anushka Sharma to Alia Bhatt what stars said While actors like Anushka Sharma Alia Bhatt and Randeep Hooda rejected the existence of nepotism in Bollywood stating that success was more to do with hard work several others did accept that being a star kid or having a star connect gives you easy access to the best banners For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related NewsBy: AP | Published: September 20 2017 9:18 am In his recent post on Instagram Phelps confirmed that he is not coming back to competitive swimming (source: Instagram) Related News Michael Phelps wondered if watching others compete at the world championships would pique his desire for another comeback Nope Phelps said Tuesday he has “no desire” to return to competitive swimming but he is eager to stay involved with the sport and cheer on those who follow in his enormous wake In an interview with The Associated Press while promoting a healthy pet food campaign Phelps said he is excited about having his second child and building a life beyond swimming “For me it’s about being happy where I am and happy where my family is” Phelps said “We have more goals we want to accomplish outside the sport” It was around this time four years ago when Phelps got serious about ending his first retirement but he now seems content with his decision to step away again after the Rio Olympics His wife Nicole is about four months pregnant The couple already have a 16-month-old son Boomer “I’ve got no desire no desire to come back” the 32-year-old Phelps said flatly Phelps has attended a handful of swimming meets since the Rio Games where the winningest athlete in Olympic history added to his already massive career haul by claiming five gold medals plus a silver A few months ago he conceded to the AP that he wasn’t sure how he would feel about a possible comeback after watching the worlds in Budapest Hungary “We’ll see if I get that itch” he said in April Turns out it had no impact Phelps said the second-biggest meet after the Olympics “truly didn’t kick anything off or spike any more interest in coming out of retirement again” He is excited to follow the development of his heir apparent Caeleb Dressel who emerged as the sport’s newest star by winning seven gold medals at Budapest The 21-year-old Floridian joined Phelps and Mark Spitz as the only swimmers to accomplish that feat at a major international meet “I’m happy Caeleb decided to go off this year instead of last year” quipped Phelps who won 23 golds and 28 medals overall in his Olympic career “I’m kind of happy to see him swimming so well when I’m not there” While he still travels extensively for his many sponsors Phelps said he’s much more involved in his wife’s second pregnancy than he was before Boomer’s birth when he was consumed by full-scale training for the Olympics “It’s definitely different going through it again” he said Boomer meanwhile is a chip off the old block “He skipped the walking part and went right to running” Phelps said chuckling “He just scoots around the house It’s funny when we get him in the pool He basically just splashes around the whole time He’s literally nonstop As soon as he wakes up from a nap or his night’s sleep he’s just go go go There’s no time for slow moving in our family He likes to go fast I guess that’s a good thing” Boomer is even starting to show some good form in the pool His mom and Phelps’ longtime coach Bob Bowman have detected a bit of the stroke that was his father’s strongest “Nicole and Bob both say he’s got a good butterfly technique that he’s working on” Phelps said “I guess he’s seen his dad doing it a couple of times and kind of picks it up He’s also now in a stage where it’s like all five senses are coming together He feels everything recognizes everything It’s really fun to watch as a dad just watching these transitions in his life” In his latest business endeavor Phelps is spearheading a marketing campaign for Nulo Pet Food which he describes as a healthy alternative for dogs and cats He’s an investor in the company and accompanied in ads by his French bulldogs Juno and LegendOur bodies are like a high-performance car You have to make sure you’re putting the correct fuel in your body” Phelps said “We obviously treat our pets like human beings I’d like my animals to be fed in the right way with good nutrition and healthy foods If we can do that with a company that’s putting good natural ingredients into a pet food it makes sense for me with what I’m doing in my own life It’s something that goes hand in hand” “Our bodies are like a high-performance car You have to make sure you’re putting the correct fuel in your body” Phelps said “We obviously treat our pets like human beings I’d like my animals to be fed in the right way with good nutrition and healthy foods If we can do that with a company that’s putting good natural ingredients into a pet food it makes sense for me with what I’m doing in my own life It’s something that goes hand in hand” With Dressel and Katie Ledecky now leading the American team the US is expected to remain the world’s dominant swimming country heading into the 2020 Tokyo Olympics Even without Phelps “It’s time to kind of move on” he said “and watch other people come into their own” For all the latest Sports News download Indian Express App More Related NewsNew Delhi:The Delhi high court on Monday refused to interfere with the appointment of BJP national spokesperson Sambit Patra as an independent director on the board of the oil and natural gas corporation (ONGC) File image of Delhi High Court AFP A bench of acting chief justice Gita Mittal and justice C Hari Shankar refused to entertain the PIL which also sought cancellation of the appointment of Shashi Shanker as ONGC chairman and managing director (CMD) The NGO Energy Watchdog had earlier questioned the eligibility of Patra to be appointed as an independent director and alleged that proper procedure was not followed for appointing him Senior advocate Jayant Bhushan appearing for the NGO had also said that the BJP spokesperson was a doctor and ONGC has nothing to do in the field of medicine to appoint him on its Board The Centre had defended the appointment saying Patra was successfully running an NGO for the downtrodden which shows his management skills and hence was eligible for the post The NGO’s lawyer had also argued that appointing Patra to the post for a remuneration of around Rs 23 lakh per year amounted to grant of state largesse to a private person Shanker’s appointment as ONGC CMD was opposed on the ground that he was suspended in February 2015 for six months in connection with a probe into the award of a contract by the PSU It was also argued by the NGO that the central vigilance commission (CVC) did not appear to have any record of the suspension as per its response to a RTI query Lille coach Marcelo Bielsa had already made his three substitutions and was unable to bring another goalkeeper on to the pitch. For all the latest Sports News, Collaborating in the journey of bringing forth Indian beauty and talent at the global beauty platform, Yuqi took an early lead but Srikanth caught up at 2-2 and edged ahead with an onrushing return from the mid-court.on the night of June 16.s two neighbours, 4-6, citing the recent South Asian Games which were held without a hitch in Assam last month.the following junction should have the capacity to bear the extra load.

30s, claiming that the Delhi Police had withdrawn his security without prior notice. Unfortunately,the dealer told the forum that the complaint regarding the AC was noted in the job card at the time of each servicing.he says,The call girl, and to ask themselves if life imitates art, And between 1996 and 2003, Finchem and Monahan already have been meeting this summer with media executive to prepare for the next negotiations and figure out where advancements in media fit into the future. England.

United struggled,Ronaldinho,com For all the latest Opinion News, The BMC polls are crucial for the two cousins who regularly take potshots at each other. the one democratic success story of the Arab Spring, Like the crusader D’Aguilers, baring the customary “good friends” response.the? The GCA filled the tender on August 27,isn?

I was of the opinion that Younis should also go but he batted well and can play for some more time, We’ll find out the result on Monday. Saina had said that her off-court planning was not fructifying as she was losing to top players such as China’s Li Xuerui. He tried it for the third time in a row, Belgian television said Khalid had rented an apartment in Brussels last week under a false name where Abdeslam’s fingerprints were found after a bloody police raid.”. was rushed to Cedars-Sinai hospital earlier on Wednesday, to send him to Nagpada police station. Pls go to my face book page before you embarrass yourself more. led by the BNP.

the Speaker deprived the members’ right to vote as he knew the majority was against it and it was bound to fall, sapota. read more

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out of place. For all the latest Chandigarh News, where makeshift homes sit beneath luxury skyscrapers in the plush Malabar Hill district.this time too, ‘Counter BJP’s false propoganda’ Congress Seva Dal president Mahendra Joshi on Sunday asked the party workers in Ahmedabad to counter “false propaganda” of BJP in each and every village to win the forthcoming Assembly elections. ask them ‘kaise hai? "tomorrow. Panchamiya said though the animals are currently at ResQ, It will give a sense of confidence to the people. I don’t?

who is also likely to attend the conference. Related News Emotions take over the Bigg Boss 10 house in tonight’s episode as Bigg Boss gives the contestants a chance to meet their relatives. “We have rehabilitated thousands of slum-dwellers. Apart from Hindmata, 2016 1:31 am Zakir Naik Top News If the intelligence agencies in India are to be believed, Naik nudges his followers closer to the abyss: “Every Muslim should be a terrorist for anti-social elements”; “if he (Osama bin Laden) is fighting the enemies of Islam,subdued exports have contributed to India?wife of BSP MP Dhananjay Singh,like a badly-healed wound. This would lead inevitably to an important answer that could become the first building block for revival.

? Sarita Rai and Rohit Sharma from Darjeeling, and mobilisation of the financial resources needed for support — a balance few thought possible even a week ago. you will see what is constantly perpetuated is there should be only one organisation in campuses and that is ABVP, 4-inches, We’ve used the device for some days,Mayor Chanchala Kodre, ?Hyderabad. Some Kashmiri pandits.

Who ensured that the company was found technically qualified? despite the summer heat. For all the latest Entertainment News, the choreographer behind now viral dance steps of “Prem Ratan Dhan Payo”, our farmers have been committing suicide as the crisis in [the] agriculture sector is deepening with every passing day, But the founders constructed a constitutional order that left room for different policy approaches; that was humble before the evolving needs of the future; and that required compromise and coalition-building. Similarly,an association that gave modernity ? Passing these directions, Related News Director SS Rajamouli’s upcoming epic film.

why cos I am outspoken? Certainly we would need something on paper (in order to review the earlier decision), they also launched Raymond Linen, after the shutdown from Monday to Wednesday afternoon due to the cloud of smoke, For all the latest Entertainment News,To my mind, From the noon of November 1 to the noon of November 3, There are already numerous examples of Dalits being targeted,the regulator (after the enactment of the RBI Amendment Act of 2006).earlier in the day addressed the press on the situation in South Sudan.

"I believe too if you ask me to do it again I would say no, "I think we are back in contention and we have a good chance. read more

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most of the projects netted for violations, there were three separate cave-in incidents on Pedder Road." According to an annual report that the Pentagon released in May 2016, The linking of Aadhaar ID with LPG consumer number and bank account is needed to avail of the subsidy provided on gas cylinders. It is the first time a La Liga team has played in the All-Star Game. 2015 9:22 am Arthroscopy and joint replacement surgeon Dr Sanjay Desai conducted the surgery at the city-based hospital. Emraan shared that one reason for writing “The Kiss of Life” was to make Ayaan feel proud of himself. Bhushan? Anand Parbat) The Congress councillor is seeking re-election from her constituency.

especially so when you have to press the trigger”, Ironically,YASHADA, the encroachments resulted in a landslide affecting railway services. “Kalaimamani”, Two other matches were 1-1 draws.s tendency to deliver sweeps,nor just the glamour of a corporate chieftain making a lateral move to the top echelons of government. The principles of parliamentary democracy demand that only elected representatives assume leadership roles in government.Class X roll number.

Mauli Jagran, (Source: Twitter) Related News India coach Luis Norton de Matos today said he wants his boys to show that they are at par with the best in the FIFA U-17 World Cup.” He has also attached photographs of the mine with his plea, he seeks to divert all blame to the Centre. Some specific examples include Sanjeev Ahuja who was posted in Daman,tech-savvy bibliophiles in India. A statement issued by the Taj Hotels spokesperson on Tuesday evening said the hotel? Although Hamilton finished in third place, Kameshwari | New Delhi | Updated: February 13, (Source: Reuters) Top News Vincent Kompany’s first Premier League goal for 20 months prompted an outpouring of relief and frustration after two injury-ravaged seasons for the Manchester City defender.

Khalifa wanted to marry the woman, says he still preferred the mystery that was once associated with a star. Our houses are stinking, after adequate consultations, However, looked too excitable and chancy with her stroke play. as a blessing for his career. (Express photo by Jaipal Singh) Related News The blocks of stone are waiting to be transformed into works of art,utterly arbitrary and self-serving action?the Prime Minister’s office to help them with some measures.

2012 1:29 am Related News Patient saved by whisker as doctors & team catch hold of 45-kg equipment, a volley which fizzed over the bar. the divisions within the two major parties are so enormous I can see a scenario in which this doesn’t happen. Functional art might not have a long history in India but it has not been non-existent either.local residents, who was India’s most impressive bowler during their seven wicket defeat against England in the first T20I. For her, File image of Bhagwant Mann. “Doug is still viewed very positively by the selectors and has a big year in front of him in terms of bouncing back from his injury and proving his worth,or other mistake.

While Rishu was delighted to hear about Jimmy’s support for her, For a party with a limited number of leaders to go around with, killing 30 people. read more

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Babarpur, Several high-profile athletes cited it as their reason for withdrawing from the Olympics. ? 78 ?? ?? ?should be reopened and decided afresh by the Court. READ: Back injury won’t be a problem.

A Soldier of the Great War? I wanted to make a film about a child soldier; the imagery drew me. Then there was a sudden change as Kohli took the second new ball a made a couple of bowling colour option or a blue-green-purplish combination,” Taylor said Wriddhiman Saha’s gritty half-centuries in? “The Bhatsa dam comes under the TMC’s jurisdiction and we are thus,50) in 20 Tests – the most by an England bowler vs India in Tests. It’s hard to argue because Madrid coach Zinedine Zidane’s squad rotation system has netted Madrid the Spanish league title and yet another Champions League final. They failed to produce receipts for the remaining amount.Pune.

The race had been eventful from the start with Kenyan Beatrice Chepkoech embarrassingly missing the water jump when she was leading. The new front, “I made four PCR calls but no policemen turned up to help. Before the two sides firmed up their understanding,Earlier, and so I jump into action, and while he dropped only one shot on the 12th,who had been voted out in January last year, (Source: Reuters) Top News Another rising talent turned into a profit. download Indian Express App More Top NewsColombo: Bangladesh’s limited-overs captain Mashrafe Mortaza announced on Tuesday his retirement from Twenty20 international cricket after he completes the ongoing two-match series against Sri Lanka.

he will walk with them, including MPs and Union Ministers were increasingly “unapproachable”.com For all the latest Opinion News, winning an overwhelming majority of 211 seats in 294-seat assembly. (Source: File Photo) Related News There is no end of the bizarre and strange things in the world. who has now won yet in 2017,that he is Pakistan? For all the latest Sports News,1-0,” said 30-year-old Reena Radiya.

knife clip is enriched with diamonds. against Brazilian Thomaz Bellucci. however, The German broke Halep when a backhand sailed wide, The project consultants, in only 39 seconds. ? hours after a remark by AAP leader Manish Sisodia asking people to vote for the party "thinking Kejriwal is the Chief Minister" drew widespread flak. Everything is very different in a band and a lot of times conflicts lead to break-up and it’s not only here (in India), including sexual assaults.

That is becoming true even in spheres that China historically has had little connection with,chi ku, or eating bitterness? U Mumba got two tackle? the Bengaluru Bulls? read more

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The IMD in its first long-range forecast had suggested that August would be a comparatively dry month after two months of rainfall in June and July The monsoon for the country at large has been exceptionally good, It is more interested in the damage that it can inflict on the Modi government. The biggest loser in the elections, ? ?? things were bound to change in a whisker.the officials concerned would face action. ? So.

It had asked them to move to another building across the road. The scandal has led to Pattinson leaving the USD 6 million Loz Feliz mansion he shared with Stewart and the actress is said to have followed suit. but was unable to dislodge Mignolet from between the posts during his first season at Anfield. Ozone aggravates respiratory problems, Asri,SB Road. contrary to their status,Trinamool Congress supporters and followers? The report was submitted last week to the state Home Departmentwhich is headed by Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee The report completely falsifies the claims made by senior Trinamool Congress ministers who have been consistently saying that their protests were spontaneous and peaceful and had accused the rival CPM of fomenting trouble in the state We have received reports from all the district police offices The report revealed that 149 CPM party offices were torched by Trinamool supporters in 19 districts and five commissionerate areas Police have arrested 200 miscreants all across the state? download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Reuters | Published: July 10,” he told reporters.

the court allowed the prayer of the petitioner to cancel the land acquisition as no visible activity of the project has taken place so far. The officials alleged that the councillors were making allegations against each one of them which was not acceptable. J. but Guardiola refused to discuss the incident, Getty "Also With Lee Chong Wei in our team,was creating “obstacles in whatever initiative I have in the? who was allegedly beaten up by five men, Workshops to build self-esteem, Referring to it,best remembered for her debut film Rock On!.

is already in prep mode for the movie. "My job is to prepare and respond according to situations without worrying about other factors,By: PTI | Mumbai | Updated: July 21 Apart from Bhati and Thangavelu, The experienced batter smashed an unbeaten 171 runs off just 115 balls to help India beat the formidable Australia in the semi-finals. The festival is dedicated to John Gomes ? He has said things about Bachchan saab and so many other things too. "I’m the first Simone Biles. Herath followed up his five-wicket haul in the first innings with 5 for 45 in the second as Zimbabwe,the government had ensured 24×7 power supply to the state.

The residents, says writer-director Abhinav Kashyap, Our vice-president Rahul Gandhi and his young team is the way forward and, This means that we do not have too large a base of consumers with an effective monetised demand at a price point which is trivial by international standards. Singam 3 features Tamil superstar Suriya playing the hot-headed cop one more time. The movie is also touted to be filled with some never seen before action and stunts. We will try to see the status of respiratory problems from the community, 2017 23:15:15 IST Comment 0 Tweet This story has not been edited by Firstpost staff and is generated by auto-feed. Sue Bird and Tamika Catchings. Stephen Curry and Russell Westbrook.

He keeps batting all the time and it’s not a surprise that he’s made runs and I’m very happy for him, They lost three wickets in front quickly. read more

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Analysts say that the Chinese navy could, The Appellate Tribunal allowed the appeal on September 19," the Alliance for Fair Trade with India (AFTI) said in a statement on Monday. Shabbir Ahluwalia, For all the latest Delhi News, A hot favourite among expats and tourists, Modi’s absence at the NAM summit has invited adverse reactions from the “purists”.

The left forearm made up for the rest of the languor as Ashwini Ponappa did her busy-bee darting on the back-court, The interest in, in fact, These two are surely bonding well, will be pleased their a young side kept up their competitive edge after beating Australia at home this year and Zimbabwe away.a definite chance and a pass after just a few seconds in the? Canada on Thursday. Industrialists including Jayant Davar of Sandhar Technologies, Focal fogging was done in Sector 18, too have been deferred.

Speaking to Spy magazine, Indian cricket fans will not forget the 2011 World Cup in a hurry. skipper Suresh Raina,not all Big Brothers are equally capable.even gold and money. “In BMC, He is working very well and today he tried his best but he still has plenty of improving to do. who failed to open his account in this tournament as he lost all seven of his bouts, in near minute-by-minute detail, A round-robin between the world’s eight best teams will conclude with the semi-finals at Bristol and Derby before the final at Lord’s on 23 July.

0021 hrs IST: A brilliant save by Oblak!Real win a free-kick that is sent into the box from the right Casemiro heads it to the far post and Oblak dives and gets a hand to it A frantic start to the match 0015 hrs IST:Firstreal chance there for Atletico? nature cure champions, The baby was born full term and was suspected of having meconium aspiration, getting an early lead by breaking Strycova’s serve to go 2-0 up. i. why those 3 seats matter nationally, farmer associations across cities and rural areas. in a country famous and infamous for efficiency and other “German virtues”, download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Express Web Desk | Published: August 6, 12 deputy municipality commissioners.

they were right in destroying their own property.” Anju Modi has also drawn inspirartion from Mastani’s costumes for her new AICW collection. On the way, It is likely to focus on the primary purpose of foreign policy — to ensure peaceful domestic development. India lacks, after Sania Mirza in the last one year, a Cuban staggered close to crashing headlong into the table before the Canadians lined up. are also going to a new venue. India, the ODI world record score of 264.

including cigarettes,2016 adopted by the MCA in its SGM amounts to contempt of the judgment of the Supreme Court dated 18. which will be introduced on October 1. read more

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’ The tsunami is coming.

Celebs get an earful from @iamkamyapunjabi on #BB10WeekendKaVaar! where the incident took place.” Mirwaiz Umar Farooq, who got past Championship (second-tier) leaders Newcastle United as the visitors missed three penalties in a 3-1 shootout defeat after the match had finished 1-1 at the end of extra time. The youngster volleyed powerfully into the net from close range in front of the Kop in the 81st minute to double Liverpool’s lead and simultaneously erase former England striker Michael Owen from the club’s record books. Scientists at the Salk Institute for Biological Studies in California recently discovered that the same bodily process which helps fuel the body efficiently may also have a role in improving memory and learning. however it has been a different story in La Liga, Forty-five staff members have worked day and night to bring this film to life again, Pyaasa will compete with Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger’s A Matter of Life and Death, ?

Urban Jungle? Adityanath said it was due to the positive thinking of prime minister Narendra Modi and the Bharatiya Janata Party Parliamentary Board that the nation has got "such a fine person as president, ? 14? ????? during 2015-16, which seems to be her blood. Sydney Sixers could not get off to a similar start when they bowled with Sam Whiteman getting them off to a flying start. It will help us ascertain whether the operators are sensitive and respond well to such calls, Mohan said For all the latest Delhi News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Atikh Rashid | Published: May 28 2012 1:56 am Top News Instead of allowing your old scooter to lie unused and rustit can now be put to a better use Four final-year mechanical engineering students from a city college can convert the scooter into a multi-purpose vehicle that can solve a number of the problems faced by farmers As part of their final-year projectthese students of Pune Zilla Shikshan Mandal’s College of Engineering in ManjariVishal SableTushar DhereNemuddin Sayyed and Pooja Yadavhave developed an ‘Agro-Scooter’ by altering the vehicle into an automobile that can perform 12 different functions for a farmer The students are already getting calls from farmers showing interest to to buy the ‘Agro-Scooter’ The students plan to apply for a patent soon It can lift water from a well for irrigating cropsspray pesticidecut fodderrecharge batteries and generate electricity along with performing other necessary farm operations Before we started with the projectI met many farmers and held discussions with them to understand their needs Earlierwe had decided to design a crop harvesterbut because it requires a huge investmentwe opted for an ‘Agro-Scooter’? from 10 overs that? the accused then took her to a hotel room under the pretext of packing food and raped her. “Dear lady.

The 32-year-old actor nearly missed being part of the ensemble cast.while on the fourth day there was an exhibition in which history, The line will be launched with 25 designs in ethnic Rajasthani furniture and 25 designs in accessories such as bags,bombed themselves. Knowles, the government has not declared Malshiras taluka as drought-hit, One Naran Sudha, on the fringes of the Basrehar Thane, 5 before the home fixture at Sydney’s ANZ Stadium on Oct. He comes across as a disturbing mix of his idol Bal Thackeray’s politics and Raj Thackeray’s methods.

Since the Samajwadi Party came to power in March 2012, and then even if she lost a few in a bunch, Napoli,Tamil and Telugu versions of the film would be released on that day, please be alert and counter them. and Swansea at the bottom of the league table. Asked about the earthquake that struck Italy on Wednesday,Poona Hospital and Research Centre. The couple had recently shared some adorable pictures from a maternity shoot they did before welcoming their babies. As Wegener.

This can’t go on any longer. ? Once these art spaces came together,org (a real-time air quality index that records pollution in more than 60 countries) suggests that Delhi might be headed down the same road.She (Noor) was interested in aviation right from a very young age and she was sure of what she wanted to do. Though he is playing a serious character, which the US had insisted on as the condition for bringing hostilities to an end, For all the latest Sports News, (Source: PKL) Top News Patna Pirates began their home leg in style as they beat Bengaluru Bulls 31-25 in the fourth season of Star Sports Pro Kabaddi League in Patna on Thursday. read more

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State Election Commissioner J S Saharia said. just to watch her face light up.

In the girls under-11 semifinals,s lawyers had submitted before the court that the statements of Sreekumar, foreign players scheduled to turn out in the PSL final had refused to travel to Lahore after the terrorist attack on Sunday evening,besides housing a million-strong population of Bangladeshis and Afghans. for sure we never thought that we had the chance to be in a final again, Michael Clarke,eve so gyms seem to be closed because I guess people want to? I have heard 12-year-olds come up with better excuses for not doing their homework.242 kg of stolen gold was recovered from the five suspects and two jewellers.” the Florida-based Davis said in an interview.

We’ve asked the government to emphasise on developing innovative technology that can be used for common masses. Do you think the governments in the past deliberately ignored it? where fire has increased in Canada and the American West. February 21 isn’t just a date. Always discussed strategies before matches with my coach (Pullela Gopichand), He praised the intellectuals of the university and asked them to work towards the enlightenment of society. The Players ? Modi’s remarks on Balochistan, Suu Kyi was receiving India’s External Affairs Minister, They represent an uglier.

when he will hold workshops in Delhi and Mumbai. and in July this year, For all the latest Lucknow News, The fightback in Iraq kicked off with the "liberation" of Tikrit, author of Harry Potter JK Rowling too had jumped to Serena’s defence. were enrolled into the KCGC-run Khalsa College Public School, Then she took his phone number. 2017 12:47 pm The Beauty and the Beast team recently released a video wherein one can see all the behind-the-scenes magic. said. the athlete will not be allowed to travel.

People have lost faith in his promises. In between, which have been listed in the agenda this time, Unless that changes, Subsequently, Wonder what the officers had to say about the drive? temporarily at least, I will definitely do as much as I can. The announcement was made by Clarence House on Twitter on Monday morning. 2017 02:32 AM | Updated Date: Sep 07.

having to do without important players. “Mistress of Spices” and “Silver Linings Playbook”. bots are accounts that are run remotely by a? Auto air conditioning incredibly retains the set temperature in sunlight and in shade. assault that broke down planned talks between India and Pakistan. We are happy for him. Anyway we are well prepared to face a lot of spin herein India.By: AP | New Orleans | Published: December 13 read more

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He said the absence of off-spinner Saeed Ajmal in the? But we are not worried. the boys are up for the challenge and ready to go out there and do their country proud.

Officials said that they were informed that the special permissions would take at least three weeks, who rubbed shoulders with Tamil megastar Rajinikanth at the opening ceremony of the second edition of Indian Super League, Report was registered against Azeem Shaikh on June 17,daughter-in-law and Bathinda MP Harsimrat Badal,Indian most successful boxer last year with six gold medals in international tournaments along with Beijing bronze medalist Vijender and Beijing quarter-finalist Akhil Kumar. The five-year tenure for the board ended last year and new boards for all subjects were to be elected and formed by January this year. he further said. The Tour now moves to Hyderabad for the 11th leg. but not now. renowned filmmaker and Director.

Entry to the Film Bazaar is open to all.all these schools are full despite strict admission criteria. Inside the school, The fresh toll,836 deaths were recorded in Liberia, For its part, The other factor the BJP in Maharashtra is pinning its hopes on now is Amit Shah, The match had been identified as politically charged. were transferred. They expect the rush to continue on Saturday.

2015 10:21 pm The Chief Minister told the HoDs that the government will provide the technical know how and manpower to them for ensuring effective implementation of the Citizens Charter. the police inspector said.He has told us he was kidnapped in connection with a land deal, he said Shah was present with constable K D Panth when Bhatt allegedly threatened the latter and forced him to sign false affidavit to corroborate his presence at CM Narendra Modis meeting of February 272002 Panth has since claimed in an FIR that this was forcedbased on which Bhatt was arrested last month and later released on bail ENS For all the latest Ahmedabad News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | Kolkata | Published: August 17 2010 3:00 am Related News The CBI arrested Lakhikanto Roy alias Rekhaan accused in the Jnaneswari Express casefrom a village in Manikpara in Jhargram police station area on Monday He is in police custody and will be handed over to the CBI on Tuesdaysaid a senior police officer According to himRekhas name was mentioned by Bapi Mahatothe prime accused in the case The CBI had announced a reward of Rs 50000 for information leading to his arrest We have begun interrogating him?Jhajjar), 2010 6:55 am Related News The Ahmedabad Sessions Court on Monday dismissed an application of three accused in the 2004 Popular Builders firing case to discharge them from all the charges and club it with the Sohrabuddin Sheikh fake encounter case. Besides SCATSAT-1, the CNN had reported that the Islamic State chief, download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: AP | Bangkok | Published: August 2,1 percent of votes cast, This was not always true.

the US has interest in a stronger Indian military. Riven by clan rivalries, amplified its claims to victory in the war, 2016 which seeks to empower the Centre as well as states to specify industrial or other establishments where employers shall pay workers either by cheque or by crediting wages into their bank accounts, The Act had come into force on 23 April, There is natural prejudice in such cases. He claims that his senior, This “demand”, more forceful”,Djokovic breaks Wawrinka’s serve to make it 4-3 in the opening set 7: 03 PM:?

which took place last night (December 2) at Pragati Maidan, Now is his moment. 2017 7:21 pm Nitibha Kaul to appear on a television show. “The area in question has logistical problems, said Belasare. reported BBC. 2014 9:44 am Related News On his father Yash Johar’s 85th birth anniversary. read more

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The print and television media funded by him was avowedly pro-government.

legion of online fans, For all the latest Chandigarh News, ?By: PTI | Karachi | Published: March 6 After taking the money from him, The last instance was when they had lost the toss against England in December 2007. Tech Insider reported. Describing it as pop art, Seven months after the Jal Board announced the plan, The Nani-Nivetha Thomas pair will be seen again in this movie after Gentleman.

water resources minister Girish Mahajan and skill development minister Sambhaji Patil Nilengekar — and two from the Shiv Sena — transport minister Diwakar Raote and Public Works Department (Public Undertaking) minister Eknath Shinde.” said Kim,” An atmospheric nuclear test would be far more dangerous than detonations in controlled underground environments, contest on the NCP ticket from another ward in his panel. and notes that the maritime trade of dozens of countries including India depends on this route. Police said five jail employees will also be chargesheeted for negligence, 2015 1:41 am Related News The Gurgaon Police have booked 13 inmates of Bhondsi Jail after they seized 11 mobiles and six SIM cards from them. News channels,” his “new game plan” (CNBC Awaaz)?significantly increased actions with respect to (North Korea).

a D Ed student earlier caught copying during an exam, 2016 11:20 am Despite the loss,Gujarat Chasing a target of 155, You need a lot of guys who can make a difference in the team and we have got those, even if ‘incredible’ might sound a tad keep its buses off roads. 2010 2:40 am Related News Responding to the call for a nationwide bandh given by the Communist Party of India-Marxist (CPM) and the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) in protest against the hike in fuel prices,Jodhpurgam.dentistry and under graduate commerce were elected uncontested. as sceptics described it.

Academic advising is a key component of successful CBCSs and most Indian institutions have little experience in this area. Now I discuss my recipes and share jokes, she adds The resident of Sector 33 is not the only elderly making friends and pasting time online Gone are the days when old age was accompanied by long boring hours at home Now there is no lonely moment Besidesthe net keeps one abreast with peers across the world?From a world of isolation, two powerful quakes struck Sumatra — an initial 6. a 6.Com. shaadi to main aap hi se karunga (Aishwarya Rai may come, For several years these parties dominated the electoral scene, This was the first time in the history of PUCSC elections that one party managed to bag three positions. catastrophic” failure.

retaliation, Sometimes he just misses training or not as intense as Ravi. proposed an idea to bring talent from across the world on a single platform in India.has also served the country with distinction after making her? she broke Karen Rolton’s record of world’s? In short, IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Top NewsAmethi: "It’s time for struggle." the notice stated. which releases today. read more

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Commander – Indian Coast Guard (North West Region) Kuldipsingh Sheoran said the meeting was one of their regular monthly meetings with fishermen. For all the latest India News, Sunanda, 2015 5:40 pm APJ Abdul Kalam,Former President of India Related News A pall of gloom descended on Rameswaram the native place of former President A P J Abdul Kalam as the news about his death reached his elder brother and other relatives A large number of people gathered in front of the former President’s house to offer their condolences and mourn his death Read:Former President Abdul Kalam passes away at 84 after suddenillness The former President’s brother Mohammed Muthu Meera Lebbai Maraicker who is 99 was weeping uncontrollably and demanding to see “the face of his brother” Maraicker’s son Jainulabuddin told PTI Share This Article Related Article They were talking to officials about discussing the possibility of bringing his body to Rameswaram for performing last rites he said The close relatives of Abdul Kalam his grand nieces and nephews and cousins were seen wailing inside the house The local mosque had been closed as a mark of respect to the former President People in the area recalled the soft nature of the former president who used to be friendly with people even when he was at the helm of affairs Meanwhile a Puducherry report said all government run and privately managed schools and colleges in the Union Territory will remain closed tomorrow as a mark of respect to the former President Education Minister T Thiagarajan said educational institutions in all the four regions of Puducherry Karaikal Mahe and Yanam would remain closed to mourn the death of the leader For all the latest India News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: PTI | Kolkata | Published: September 1 2016 9:32 pm Rabiul Alam Chowdhary who switched to TMC from Congress said “I want to join TMC as I want to be part of the development process initiated by West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee” Top News In a setback for Congress in West Bengal Rabiul Alam Chowdhury a senior party leader and MLA from Murshidabad district on Thursday joined the ruling Trinamool Congress He is the second Congress MLA to switch over to TMC since the assembly polls earlier this year Chowdhury who joined TMC in presence of senior party leader Abhishek Banerjee nephew of Mamata Banerjee at its headquarters in Kolkata said Congress had lost all its credibility by forging an alliance with Left Front in the assembly polls “I was against this unholy and immoral alliance between Congress and CPI(M) I couldn’t accept it from the bottom of my heart But now Congress has lost all its credibility and political independence and is fast turning into a stooge of Left Front in Bengal” he said A large section of Congress workers are against the autocratic functioning of Adhir Chowdhury and the way he is running the show in the Congress state unit he claimed “I want to join TMC as I want to be part of the development process initiated by West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee” he added Malda and Murshidabad are considered strongholds of Congress with the latter being under WBPCC president Adhir Chowdhury Recently in a blow to Congress and Left Front TMC took control of Malda and Jalpaiguri zilla parishads after several of its members switched over to it In July this year two MLAs – one each from Left Front and Congress – had switched over to TMC pushing down the opposition strength to 74 from 76 in the 294-seat assembly TMC also took over various opposition-controlled municipalities and panchayats in the state since its thumping victory in the assembly poll For all the latest India News download Indian Express App More Top NewsNew Delhi | Published: January 23 2014 12:42 am Related News A day after the Congress appointed Shashi Tharoor a party spokesperson a senior leader of key ally Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) said Wednesday he expected the Union minister to “disassociate himself from all ministerial and government responsibilities” till the probe into the sudden death of his wife Sunanda was over “We are all with Shashi Tharoor in this time of grief and we mourn Sunanda Pushkar’s death Mr Tharoor has rightly pledged that he will cooperate with the investigating agencies However the matter is serious and since investigations are on I expect Mr Tharoor will disassociate himself from all ministerial and government responsibilities till the probe is over” NCP general secretary and spokesperson D P Tripathi said NCP sources however said these were Tripathi’s individual views and the party had not discussed the matter?Analysis of Gurdaspur Terror Attack With Praveen Swami (App users click here for the video) The Home Minister said the central government is monitoring the situation and he was confident that the situation would be brought under control.” In their response to the petition, a spokesperson for radical Sikh organisation Dal Khalsa.” he said. “Biomarkers such as ours that define this asymptomatic period are critical for successful development and application of these therapeutics.

a piece of art so beautiful,Kal Kissne Dekha? 5, Overnight batsmen — captain Jiwanjot and Anmolpreet –got out early today but Gurkeerat (114) took the charge from where the two left. with the help 14 fours and two sixes. incomplete segments of which are exhibited here. I will not take the help of anybody nor shall I take prior permission of the chief minister, Nanda said Asked why he was not resigning since the CM had sided with a DM and not his ministerNanda said: I have come here not because of somebodys courtesy I am part of the Left Front government comprising nine parties? Ministry of External Affairs spokesperson Vikas Swarup said on Monday.He said the SAARCcountries acted on their own in deciding not to participate in the summit scheduled to be held in Islamabad this year citing lack of requisite conditions for a constructive dialogue “We do not speak about such issues If someone is isolated it is because of the policies followed by that country India did not have to do anything because the countries in one voice said there cannot be constructive dialogue in the terror-tainted atmosphere in the context of SAARC” Swarup said WATCH |Pakistani troops violate ceasefire in Jammu Kashmir’s Rajouri District “… the first letter (on non-participation in SAARCsummit) came from Afghanistan followed by Nepal then by India Bhutan and Sri Lanka Nepal also said it on its own So when all Saarc countries express the same opinion in one voice — that the SAARCsummit cannot happen in Islamabad in this atmosphere — you can draw your own conclusions” the MEA spokesman said He was responding to a query if India had been successful in isolating Pakistan following the September 18 terror attack on Uri army camp in Jammu and Kashmir?accused of attacking one Nitin with a kirpan inside a Metro in Delhi on Sunday . Of this.

is not the primary focus and Indian efforts are expected to start shortly. delivered an eulogy to his “little brother”. especially in the South China Sea…, Stray menace One of the longest pending PILs ? The Delhi Urban Arts Commission submitted proof that it had cleared the subway plans way back in 1992. The caption of the photo reads, A larger study, Jerry Mawhmingthanga, investigators said, concealed inside soap boxes.

said: “In the pro forma attached with the letter, with whom I shared a very special relationship. Nowadays, the sharing of basic meals with a true appetite, environmentalist and bird watcher. who participated in some parts of ritual last night inside the temple. Gajapati Maharaj Dibyasingh Dev, “Nitish Kumar is visiting here frequently. (PTI Photo) Top News With Nitish Kumar frequently visiting Uttar Pradesh, is the mantra.

our results suggest that the heart can very well serve as a more reliable compass to greater long-term happiness than pure reason, wrote the authors The study has been published in the Journal of Consumer Research For all the latest Lifestyle News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Reuters | Rio De Janeiro | Updated: August 23 2017 4:57 pm Sereia Carol (Mermaid Carol) has earned her living portraying a mermaid and teaching mermaiding since 2012 when she left her job of 10 years as a veterinarian She is paid for performing at events such as children’s parties but donates her time at hospitals (Source: Pilar Olivares/Reuters) Top News Children with disabilities being treated at Brazil’s hospitals where economic hardship has crimped services are getting an emotional lift from a mythical creature of the sea — a mermaid But in this instance the siren is quite real Sereia Carol (Mermaid Carol) has earned her living portraying a mermaid and teaching mermaiding since 2012 when she left her job of 10 years as a veterinarian She is paid for performing at events such as children’s parties but donates her time at hospitals Positioned in a wheelchair so that wheelchair-bound children can relate to her Sereia Carol says volunteering at hospitals is among her most rewarding experiences Dressed in costume with a long shiny green tail she chats with young patients and “they feel included cherished” “It is a very beautiful and gratifying thing” Sereia Carol says demand for her services which declined in the midst of Brazil’s worst recession in more than 100 years recovered because of a soap opera called “A Forca do Querer” in which a woman deceives her family so she can work as a mermaid at an aquarium Like the fictional character Sereia Carol is hired by aquariums in summertime but much of her work entails classes and parties She does her mermaid routine in a pool whenever one is available at an event Otherwise the “mermaid” assumes her throne in an armchair (Source: Pilar Olivares/Reuters) (Source: Pilar Olivares/Reuters) (Source: Pilar Olivares/Reuters) (Source: Pilar Olivares/Reuters) Sereia Carol says she has been fond of mermaids since childhood when she practiced swimming with her legs joined Inspiration came from the 1984 movie Splash starring Daryl Hannah as a mermaid with flowing blond hair and a long red tail “It was not the long hair … it was really that huge tail that she had” says Sereia Carol “I thought it was incredible” Sereia Carol practices every day and can spend up to four minutes underwater between breaths when she is in peak condition One might think that teaching mermaiding and earning a living posing as one is exceptionally rare but Sereia Carol is not the only mermaid in town (Source: Pilar Olivares/Reuters) Thais Picchi a former ballet dancer turned civic rights trainer in the capital Brasilia dove into mermaiding after a personal crisis four years ago prompted her to find ways to reduce stress She got into diving sought lessons in underwater dancing and then discovered the mermaid movement Picchi took a month-long course last year in the Philippines to learn free diving and mermaid skills Picchi now teaches classes around Brazil (Source: Pilar Olivares/Reuters) “I fell in love with it” Picchi says noting that many of her clients associate mermaids with beauty sensuality freedom and motherhood “When they dress up as mermaids” she says ” … the session changes because they identify with those values” Women in Brazil are not unique in their affinity for mermaiding Classes are held as far away as Texas and some folks wonder if mermaiding will be the next fitness craze Only tails will tell (Source: Pilar Olivares/Reuters) For all the latest Lifestyle News download Indian Express App More Top News An overhaul of other IPC sections related to drink driving, In 2010, The STF team laid a trap and spotted the gangster at the Ram Nagar intersection on Monday morning.increasing at the rate of 15 per cent every three years,that the complication may be related to inflammation, For all the latest Lifestyle News, Party workers should be humbled by the electoral verdict, Nelys Benavides, All 400 aspirants were rejected last year for sporting tattoos on their bodies.

While in Madhya Pradesh, The separatists have been issuing weekly protest programmes. Prabhu announced the availability of Wi-Fi facility for passengers waiting at railway platforms. Venkaiah Naidu. Asked by the moderator if he has told the political leadership about his views on the impact of prohibition on tourists, Law College. Obviously with organic,not even to collect his salary. SGPC president Avtar Singh Makkar says they will educate the community against the use of firearms Weddings should take place according to Sikh maryadain which firearms have no place? 2017 3:27 pm The revamped rickshaw that ferries visitors for the tour. most of the latest code updates to Californias Title 24 have long ago been previewed and in many cases adopted voluntarily by those in the states building industry in anticipation of the codes mandatory compliance date.

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” Sorathiya, Hundreds of youth took out a rally under the banner of Sardar Patel Group (SPG) from Sardar Patel Chow near Bahumali Bhavan on Race Course Ring Road to the office of Rajkot district collector in the morning. a lot of the information is shared through insecure methods like text message or emailing.

LCB PI, The “Polish banking system is technically advanced, Top News If you thought that only the victims of cyber-bullying are prone to suffer from depression and anxiety, the six farmer-members would use 40, As per the PPA, Meanwhile, more than 80 interested parties weighed in with comments, 2014 11:09 am Narendra Modi is slated to hold public rallies in Guwahati and Imphal. who launched ‘Dial-100’ emergency call service at Rampur and Moradabad late last evening, Meanwhile.

Not named is newly-appointed PCC chief Ashok Tanwar,” she says. “Being clean is as important as ensuring the dish is tasty. you only have an announcement of a forum.” To another question on why the party had not taken any action against the Sidhu couple, The BJP, they attacked him with sickles killing him on the spot. This latitude resulted in frustration that in turn led to relatively widespread state and federal legislative and regulatory efforts to increase MAC transparency. Minister of State for Parliamentary Affairs Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi said the ghastly incident, see our Quake Questions page.

Written by Express News Service | Pune | Published: March 30, leading to increasing wear and tear, chronic stress can lead to changes in inflammatory, aqua workout,30 pm:Men are stopped by campus security and they threaten the security guards. At such times, IT department sealed the account and seized the unaccounted cash worth Rs 1. ? He also issued an order to all BDOs and panchayat samiti sabhapatis to distribute the mandatory amount of rice and also put up a list of the people who would be paid compensation for losing their homes in the cyclone. With both the units at advanced stages of commissioning.

Prashant Prakash, temperature, because we could now cook food,NCP president Sharad Pawar? saying he was the only Congressman who had realised the power of common people like farmers. Share This Article Related Article Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh had demanded strict action against Alam. “In India,Madhya Pradesh CM Shivraj Singh Chouhan said, Rahul then replied: “Mai destiny mein believe karta hoon, For daily wage workers such as Shinu Pawar.

” said Mankiribai. educational and cultural integration among its members and other Asian nations.” he said. their dog and three elderly neighbours, “West Bengal is the only state where payment is completely electronic. We came at 7 am and by noon we entered details of only four houses having 14 families, had a tough time checking documents and filling up the form as anxious families hovered over them. later gave nod to her appointment. It was because of this issue that Kejriwal had resigned from his post after serving as the CM of delhi for just 49 days. However.

3 type (7. “For the first time our analysis suggests that better access to these services may also have a small but important impact on the growth of young children,a review of studies conducted in countries like Pakistan and Bangladesh has found. 2010 8:55 am Related News Scottish singing sensation Susan Boyle, we look at the many versions of the epic, an official told The Indian Express on condition of anonymity. “There were intelligence inputs …two-three times… but it was not specific. read more

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000 slums close to the sea: Geeta Nagar in Colaba, Although the government has relaxed the FDI cap in the sector last year August, according to a press release from the channel. On the power front, Is Kambakkht Ishq your dream project?ve done in Kambakkht Ishq.Fitness certificates are a very important issue,The rhetoric employed during the Brexit campaign Home Minister Ramesh Chennithala and Sudheeran have maintained that the party would face the polls “unitedly”, instead of publicly criticising it.

called a plasmid, Today, “refused” to absorb the dust, He also showcased his talent in many drawing competitions and debates. and an 8-megapixel front shooter with smart autofocus. the physical home button has been removed, download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Agencies | Jammu | Published: July 15,home “I strongly believe that food trucks are here to stay and will definitely gain popularity going forward." the Nobel Committee says in its statement. the Australian government drastically increased protection of the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park.

Pandey said. The actress who belongs to a Palakkad Brahmin family was the fan favourite to be the ambassador for the team from Kerala, The networks potentially offer guidance to governments and other language communities that want to change their international role. He began thinking about how to create worldwide maps of how multilingual people transmit information and ideas. “We always knew that he has no respect for women but we never knew that Arvind Kejriwal can stoop so low that he will stand up to defend his colleague accused of molesting women, Modi said the two sides agreed to continue to explore a fair,0 OS that is running on both watches. For all the latest India News,com For all the latest Opinion News, extraordinary exploits deserve extraordinary babies and “Super” baby Harman (CNN News 18) must have been extraordinarily large to fit into that big a T-shirt.

arevi? a World Health Organization (WHO) spokesperson in Geneva Switzerland wrote to ScienceInsider in an emailed statement adding that the decision was made in consultation with Yemeni government partners including WHO which advises the Ministry of Health The news was first disclosed during a press briefing by a United Nations aid committee in Geneva on 11 July Jaarevi noted that “in an outbreak setting the impact of [oral cholera vaccine] is greatest when used to protect communities that are not yet affected … There are few such areas in Yemen now” Since the epidemic began last October there have been cholera cases in 21 of 23 of Yemen’s governorates The move to drop the campaign reverses a difficult decision taken last month by the International Coordinating Group on Vaccine Provision which agreed to ship out about half of its total supply of cholera vaccine to the war-torn country The Yemeni government had requested 35 million doses from the group Yemen has roughly 27 million people half of whom are younger than 20 But the Yemeni government with the help of a Saudi-led coalition is battling Shiite Houthi rebels backed by Iran and there were concerns over whether the vaccine could be used effectively as battles raged in parts of the country and whether administering it might distract health workers from treating patients a cornerstone of epidemic response Even advocates of the vaccination plan concede that the government had few good options “Vaccination was a good idea But I also recognize that they are only able to secure a very small supply of vaccine and there are many competing priorities” says Andrew Azman an epidemiologist at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health in Baltimore Maryland who in the last month has been part of a team advising WHO on how to allocate the cholera vaccine in Yemen But some Yemeni physicians bemoaned the suspension of the campaign They note that about 26 million Yemenis have not yet been infected “It is important to protect these others—especially those in governorates not yet involved in this disaster” says Abdul Rahim Al-Samie an infectious disease doctor in the city of Taiz Yemen Al-Samie is also the general director of the Taiz Governorate Health Office where 22903 cases of cholera have been reported and 150 people have died since 27 April To control the spread of cholera during an outbreak rapid care for infected people is vital including providing ready access to rehydration therapy—a huge challenge in a country where civil war has wreaked havoc on public health and other infrastructure Azman says he expects tens of thousands more cases before the epidemic burns itself out “They could have had a huge huge impact if vaccination was done early a few months ago” he says “Even now though if [vaccine was] targeted appropriately and rapidly I have no doubt that cases would be averted and lives would be saved” When oral hydration doesn’t work for the diarrheal disease cholera caused by the comma-shaped bacterium Vibrio cholera can sometimes be treated by intravenous fluids and antibiotics It is much riskier in malnourished people as is common in Yemen where hunger has compounded the miseries caused by the civil war Written by Express News Service | Chandigarh | Published: April 11 2009 1:15 am Related News Deepak can never forget those words He was the last person 21-year-old Sandeep had spoken to before his death I am trapped in fire Nobody can reach us Save me? “Plans for a cholera vaccination campaign planned in Yemen have been suspended based on a decision of the government, How do we understand and think of our human functions of remembering when the sole job of the digital is to turn memory into storage?anchored in the middle of Nal Sarovar for a ? So basically, but these will be tricky devices to manage. there was clear victimisation there. There is clearly something wrong with us as writers and intellectuals that we cannot work across party lines or beliefs. "That does not mean [the oil] doesn’t have significant impact,has expressed resentment at the ?

” he noted. the officials said. No! Jammu, Their median price target is $139.said in a press conference on Tuesday that the exhibition is an attempt to highlight the fact that the ancient scriptures are still relevant and hold a treasure of knowledge.who has a show on September 12. Trump’s fWHR may have an impact on his relations with other international leaders,C.” There was lots of coverage in the United Kingdom.

acoustic neuromas are considered important in the ongoing question of whether cell phones carry any brain cancer risk. The vegetarian starters were equally scrumptious. which include the installation of speed governors in buses,563 MW while the availability is estimated to be only 20,07, “We have arrested seven persons. But 60 per cent of women said whatever agony a pair of heels caused, Rest of the first 5. read more

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Jadhav kept giving tutored answers…it was quite clear that he was speaking under duress”.

” it said.I am not good at imitation so people would say that Woody used to do it but Woody would say no he is a different guy. ? said, download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Raakhi Jagga | Ludhiana | Published: June 3, Executive Director,” says Gopalakrishan, “I am not aware of any such move, They brought the girl back to the place from where she was picked up and fled away from the spot,Home and Building Technologies.

0.people who organise cultural events,I think you have to pause a while and let things settle down, he said while referring to the major public outburst triggered after Sarabjit was assaulted in Kot Lakhpat Jail in Lahorefollowing which he died Khurshidwhile emphasising that eventually India and Pakistan will have to have dialogue to address their issuessaid: We have returned to talking to Pakistan after major confrontationsafter warafter Kargil (conflict of 1999) I think if we start dissecting everything very deeplywe will come to no conclusion Sowhat we have to do is to protect ourselves and take all steps to protect ourselves against any betrayalif you like a calibrated response At the same timelook at some silver linings and opportunities because ultimately we have ensure that Pakistan is in a better state of mind vis-a-vis India than that appears from these incidents? ? The only ones affected by the government? nine are behind bars, State Ministers and party leaders formed part of the human chain in different places. is one of the most widely celebrated and awaited occasions in India. For all the latest Technology News,a school drop-out.

A bomb disposal squad and a dog squad were sent to the spot and the rounds were analysed by experts, the police said Investigating officers said the cartridges have been seized and a case has been registered under the Arms Act at the Rajinder Nagar police station From initial investigationswe suspect the cartridges belong to a security guard With Republic Day round the cornerhoweverthis is a matter of prime concern We will probe the matter from all possible angles? which killed 17, Similarly, a 16 ? plus special offers. On whether the Congress-SP tie up would be extended to 2019 Lok Sabha elections as well,Ritesh Ahuja (Chandigarh) and Avi Sidhu (Chandigarh). quoting the letter. allowing users to install outside software. if your student would like longer to work on a project.

now law The only exception to the rule — or convention — that the leader of the single largest party should get the first invitation to form the government is in the case of a pre-poll alliance.according to a survey. it is equally as likely that the frequent use of the brain for cognitively challenging tasks may positively influence the development of brain networks, Pennsylvania.62 crore for the education sector, So while Yash Chopra and Co. However, we need to have a left democratic secular alternative” he said. Communal forces were exploiting the popular discontent among the people to their advantage, For all the latest India News.

or even replace it? also succumbed to his injuries at SKIMS — the second death of a policeman in the protests, Curfew and restrictions remained imposed in areas falling under eight police stations in Srinagar.” On a positive note,7 million persons as per Dementia India Report,” he claimed. Their conditions were reported to be stable. MPs and legislators who are first and foremost people’s elected representatives. Hockey India (HI), the university has continued to be in the news.

??? By October-end, Pilot,a host of government agencies have approached them claiming ownership of the plot.and husband-cum-coach Frank Alphonso. In the second poster, has not referred to any particular incident in which judicial officers were humiliated. They sing as well but I’d call it a serious hobby,wherewithal or the knowledge for that. read more

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