A5, many people think that in the above signature card is very good, was included, outside the chain to buy can be increased significantly, but the price has not thought about a problem, when you check your chain in the webmaster tools in increasing every day, you will be surprised to find the chain you have several thousand are from A5, 28 push this forum, aren’t you afraid? The search engine is not a fool, always check out the algorithm, there is always change, so even if you are in the forum signature brush to get the chain link, or increase the keywords ranking, best not only in the designated as post several forum area closer, it is best to separate the chain to their own good, to the table column forum and blog. Don’t just go to a single forum and blog. read more

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weight!The following is the

in order to protect customers’ privacy, we can not accurately broke the customer specific website address, but every case of customer, are real

below: seriously implement the diagnosis of

diagnosis: the win7 win8 system to download station, 6 months of the new construction site, no top keywords ranking, unweighted, Shanghai dragon diagnostic report submission time: January 1, 2014. Diagnosis and implementing, the site traffic increased 40 times, from 1 to 6

web site and historical data to break through the bottleneck of the screenshot: read more

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(1) "mirror sites" PK "hybrid"

some time ago to see an article "website construction" from the market point of view, I feel good writing, because the author is Shanghai dragon, so I from Shanghai dragon angle to talk about my views on the construction site. The site is built on the ability, but depends on the attitude of Shanghai dragon the quality of the website, is the designer’s ability, and before and after the Shanghai dragon is ranked in intentions of the optimization of the staff, and I’m here to explore how the Shanghai dragon thought into the construction site. read more

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redirect permanent /old.html 贵族宝贝yelangsem.net: can modify this sentence.

Figure two

^ RewriteRule (. *) $贵族宝贝yelangsem.net/$1 [R=301, L]

Figure three

3:Apache server

open IIS, found to redirect website or web page, right click to view the properties if the site is selected the main directory tab page is the file tab. As shown below:


redirect to URL, the input should be redirected to the URL application and check the selected resource after permanent redirect. As shown below: read more

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long tail words, we should be more clear! Do not flow, but the precision is very high! If this word has many optimization ranking, traffic may in general, but the effect is absolutely good! A lot of bidding also turned to the word, the transformation is better! Since the long tail word is very important for the bidding and optimization, how to choose suitable keywords, how to extend the "most effective" keywords trick:


confirmed the title. The first is to appear in the pages of some keywords in the description tag, followed by the need for repeated the key contents of the current page, and bold in the first time. read more

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use blog marketing

Links, Links is very important to vote than blog a little formal, we should try to find and their site theme related websites when doing Links, such as the station is the construction site of the theme, it should also find on the website construction site to do Links. Keywords Links should not always the same (i.e. website anchor links are the same, do not want to pay attention to the diversification of the website) anchor link. It is bad for the ranking. When looking for other sites, do not look for outbound links too many sites, because too much weight will reduce the export link (see how to export link? Link: home on the line). If the PR1 website has 40 links, 2 links may not PR0 export. In general, less than 30 Links website link exchange is very good. We should pay attention to other sites have not been punished when doing Links, at least at link time exchange have not been punished, is site: home page is not ranked first, if it is, you can do. read more

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to update daily original content, which can not only enrich the website information, but also can make the search engine feel your website in the continuous improvement, every day to your site will have a rich and delicious food can taste. For writing the weak grass-roots webmaster, every day a original article is enough, the rest can be used to increase the pseudo original site information.

keyword ranking up, as long as continue to insist on doing the usual work, do not make big mistakes, stable rankings is not a big problem. Please note: 贵族宝贝shanqi114.info. read more

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in Shanghai Longfeng exchange regardless of the individual or the Shanghai dragon service company, is a good time to accumulate contacts, people can through a variety of communication will know more counterparts, such exchanges will be easier after. Because from the network to the reality, the reality of friends than friends are more likely to trust, when the exchange of the most taboo others hide, want to do a good job in the local Shanghai Longfeng service orders, the easiest way is limited by a network of connections, but not for everyone. Know another customer through a customer, you need to maintain good relations with customers, can hold a Shanghai Dragon Consulting exchange, please a lot of enterprise to free lectures, free to ask questions, this is a more effective way of promotion. When you have accumulated rich contacts, to do business easier, customers will take the initiative to find you. read more

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analysis: site search escape rate is higher, the page content needs to be optimized, inadequate or inaccurate recommendations.

analysis: search engine structure is reasonable, the different proportion of the normal search engine.

(four) site visit length analysis

(a), website source analysis

, a website currently access analysis

site of the recent 30 day visit to the source

(two), analysis of

website recently 30 day long visit to

(three) search access bounce rate analysis

source search engine read more

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analysis in this view, get some experience: love Shanghai no matter how adjustment algorithms are aimed at customer experience to do so! Station optimization should better customer experience products based on the station, articles should be straightforward description of the product, can help users to understand. According to the characteristics of their products to write, rather than blindly collected articles. And write original articles with keywords appropriate bold, plus the corresponding anchor link, and help customers better understand the eye-catching information, but also don’t add proper. The station that do the station based on the customer experience is king. read more

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1, posting the selection of some high popularity, the large amount of the reproduced high weight forum. You can use this command to "inurl:" look in the fall in love with the sea (such as: inurl:bbs clothing, this is the high weight forum, a type of clothing)

, the first post on the forum, you bring your own signature to get outside the chain of

second, which release the soft chain

quiz platform has a great advantage on the one hand, the chain can increase the chain of the website, on the other hand can get a good flow. So how to use Q > read more

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Huaian Shanghai Dragon Lee Zhiyun

three, a slightly larger page too much information in business or website may have a list of products, "the first page and the next page site might list the 5-10 link and can simply calculate if this class has 1000 products, each page lists 20, you need 50 pages. So if in accordance with the traditional navigation page, columns may be hundreds or thousands of times to see at the back of the product, if there is no chance to optimize these products included almost zero. We can use a multiple of 10 or multiples of 20 to set the page directory, so you can reduce the number of links to the page. read more

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Shanghai Longfeng information:

station link: you can make friends easily pay attention to the optimization of the page link to know the number of, for example: the general enterprise homepage link does not exceed 100.

ALEXA ranking:

turn on the computer today is boring, so almost a half day visit on the Internet, suddenly found something fresh (for me is discovered today, may not everyone is found today. For example: Shanghai dragon WHY in October 26, 2012 launched a Search ask community — high quality Shanghai dragon real quiz community, and I know today), it is necessary to write down. read more

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is updated before keyword ranking figure

!In addition to the

webmaster friendship connection factor, specifically examined friendship connection site, found that most did not drop right, included the number and snapshot does not suspect what, just have a site seems to have been closed to open, found the problem, the webmaster immediately delete the connection to other sites, ha ha.


, thank you!

this is a picture of this week updated ranking

!Then, considering the

first, we can see that the webmaster second pictures to do a lot of adjustments to the website keywords, such as changes in the density, before the keyword density is around 3%, and now rising to 5%, while the number of keywords is changed, the stationmaster on the site to make some big changes in the keywords distribution and quantity, I want to rank the decline must have very important relationship with read more

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technology news web search engine Tencent, Google (micro-blog) became the star enterprise. However, in the mobile Internet era, low efficiency in information retrieval for the characteristics of the search engine, is caught in a gradually no use of the crisis.

The above

U.S. media pointed out that, ironically, an important objective of the development and promotion of Google Android operating system, is a generalization of the traditional web search.

insiders said Arthur, in the smart mobile phone on the number of people to use search engines to reduce, the main reason is the variety of mobile APP (software). read more

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(I can’t eat ice cream in summer) in the past to share the article, there are a lot of influence in Shanghai Longfeng optimization details, as well as those problems will affect the Shanghai dragon ranking, the same problem, we continue to share today, how to optimize the keywords ranking, need to pay attention to the details of what will meet what fault. Actually very simple, as long as you have the core technology foundation, intention, focus, do not give up the heart will do the most ideal ranking. So, today you need to understand about the details of Shanghai dragon, ranking not to exist what fault, how can we exclude these failures? Follow my steps are to understand each other to grow together. read more

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why these sites are the direction of the silent change? What I think it is worth pondering.

from the market point of view, the stock raising platform is generally divided into several categories:

observant investors, if carefully observed, may have found that these recently launched equity investors raised the website, you can find some subtle places. For example:

traditional enterprises are shouting that business is too difficult now, and businesses doing business on the Internet are also crying out for too much competition. In fact, this is only a surface phenomenon, our business owner did not really pay attention to network marketing, there is no real to tap their own market. The market will always be there, but your market has been swallowed by competitors. The boss does not understand network marketing, but also what to save the enterprise? Or to see the personal experience of Xiao Bian friends, perhaps, when you read, you will feel. read more

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from magazine model to annual income exceeds Fan Bingbing and Kim Kardashian super net red, when used only 1 years, where is the big Yi win? The marketing of domestic dress appeared those changes?

according to the latest news of the women’s daily, the sale of products has become the largest source of revenue for micro-blog’s 5 million 290 thousand fans, and only clothing sales have exceeded $60 million. Earlier data show that its 2015 revenue of $46 million, not only the luxury brands favorite star Fan Bingbing annual income of 2 times, more than the United States reality show star Kim Kardashian. According to Forbes’s latest data, Kim Kardashian earned $45 million 500 thousand last year. read more

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is to make the ecological chain e-commerce market has "life" features, not only change the user’s shopping habits, and rules of engagement has been completely disrupted by the Internet, the Internet is a subtle transformation of modern people. However, we see an example of Tencent, not focus on the chat software, involving almost all of the Internet industry, after 360, also seems to subvert the Internet just established order, whether the Tencent or the copycat, 360 "spoiler", do the "enclosure movement", there is no core the product, the result is the grotesque, seemingly very famous, very domineering, but a field of outstanding brand, these seemingly equal to anything "paper tiger" image instantly shattered, build the ecological chain, there is actually no amount of quality read more

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According to the American

executives positions are fraught with crisis,

at home, because of policy support and business demand for related services on the rise, the cloud industry has shown a strong vitality. Domestic emerging cloud service providers, multi backup just get IDG lead vote, geeks help with the cast of tens of millions of angel round of investment which is the official official announcement of financing for the first time. Seven South Road with multiple backup co-founder & CEO; Hu Maohua, in a number of large companies served as executives of how he entered into the business field of cloud services? What is the most difficult problem in the process of starting backup? How to survive in the Ali cloud cloud giant Tencent in the space and the development of read more

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